Fan of the day: Hildur Tryggvadottir Flovenz

Nevermind the music. This is the real deal. We continue to present all the fabulous fans that make Eurovision the best contest in the world. Today, let’s meet Hildur. Together with her partner in crime, Eyrún Ellý Valsdóttir, she has been a significant part of many a fun night at Euroclub for us, and they write a great blog on Eurovision, Allt um Júróvisjón. Let’s hear her story:

Name, age, where are you from?

Hildur, 35 from Reykjavik Iceland.

Why do you love Eurovision?

There are so many reasons to love Eurovision! For me it is of course about the music, it gives one a changes to here pop music from all over Europe both the good and the bad and it also gives a change to hear from musicians one would otherwise never hear from. Then it is about the show and the fact that Europe has come together for over 60 years to compete in music. Eurovision is therefore part of the European Intergration.

Tell us about a favorite memory related to Eurovision (Bring it on, the dirtier, the better)!

Well, there are not many dirty Eurovision stories to choose from but many great ones! One very memorable moment was my first time at Eurovision. I was at Euroclub watching the dance floor (yeah I know, who just watches the dance floor at Euroclub – it is a place meant for dancing not watching!) and suddenly an old Icelandic entry was played. Everyone on the dance floor went a bit crazy, starting dancing even more than before and all were singing a long! I just didn’t believe it and knew right there that I would be coming to Eurovision again!

Did you meet any Eurovision artists? Who was your favorite encounter and why?

I’ve met many of them. I think my favorite ecounter was with Robin Stjernberg in 2013 and of course when I danced with Epic Sax Guy from Moldova in 2010! I can’t believe he is coming back this year!

And what Eurovision artist would you invite for dinner if you got to choose freely?

Ruslana and Loreen to talk and add Miro from Bulgaria and Måns for some eye candy!

What is your favorite entry ever?

This is the cruelest question to ask a Eurovision fan! This is something that changes regulary but if I have to choose one song today it would be Angel Si Ti with Miro from 2010.

What is your favorite entry this year?

Apart from the Icelandic one that holds very special place in my heart my favorite this year is the Belgian entry. It is so powerful and got me right away. I felt very strongly when I heard it and my first thought was that this is the song of civilians in a war zone. Then the Portuguese entry is one of the most beautiful one I´ve heard for a long while in Eurovision and then of course the Italian one – it is just so much fun!

What is the ultimate fan behavior?

Have fun and get as many selfies with Eurovision stars as possible!

If Eurovision suddenly decided politics were allowed, what would be your first political statement?

Respect human rights, embrace peace and democracy and stop extremism that nourishes fear, hate and separation.

Are you going to Kyiv? What are your expectations?

Yes! And my expectations are to have fun as always, deliver some good work and hopefully meet Francesco Gabbani!

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