Fan of the day: Alexandru Busa

You might think Eurovision is all about music. That is partially right, but behind every great artist is a bunch of even greater fans. Nowhere is that more true than in Eurovision, where the fans are more glorious and dedicated than anywhere else. We always feel so lucky to meet all these people, both in real life and online, and decided to introduce a few of them to you.

Where better to start than with Alexandru, one of our favorite encounters from Romania? Let’s hear what he has to say:

Name, age, occupation, where are you from (we will welcome alternative facts here if needed)?

My name is Alexandru Busa and I am 25 years old. I’m currently studying International Relations for my Master’s Degree at the University of Bucharest and at the same time I’m working for the Bucharest Natural History Museum.

Why do you love Eurovision?

I love Eurovision because it brings different people together. I’m a xenophile and I simply love discovering different cultures and making friends from other countries, so if I get the opportunity to listen to songs and singers from so many different countries, of course I love it!

Tell us about a favorite memory related to Eurovision (Bring it on, the dirtier, the better)!

My favorite memory is for sure the first time I watched it. I was 13 years old and I was a very very shy kid who had no idea what to do with his life. I was just playing with the remote control and suddenly I saw Ruslana all dressed as warrior queen opening the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with a flame thrower on stage. I watched that performance without blinking for 3 minutes. That moment was epic.

Did you meet any Eurovision artists? Who was your favorite encounter and why?

I met a lot of Eurovison artist up until now, such as: Alexander Rybak, Niamh Kavanagh, Johnny Logan, Anne-Marie David, Ruslana, Sakis Rouvas, Kalomira and Sandra Kim. I have a very special memory with Ruslana from the Belgian national final from 2014. I was inside the arena from Antwerp when she performed during the interval act. Her performance was so energetic and wild and I remember that the audience loved it so much. I immediately went backstage and told her that she is a queen and I stood on my knees in front of her and kissed her hand! What she did next I will probably never forget. She said to me: “Alexandru, if you stay on your knees in front of me, I will do the same in front of you!” and she just did it. That was f*cking amazing!

And what Eurovision artist would you invite for dinner if you got to choose freely?

Hmm. I would surely invite Niamh Kavangh because she is such a kind and lovely person. Moreover, she won the Irish Celebrity MasterChef recently. Haha

What is your favorite entry ever?

That would be “Wild Dances” from Ruslana. That song gives me so much positive energy. It’s like a battery charger for me.

What is your favorite entry this year?

I really like three songs from this year’s contest. My favorite is “Paper” by Svala, representing Iceland. The other two countries that I like are Poland and Azerbaijan.

What is the ultimate fan behavior?

Pray to ABBA instead of God, go to the Euroclub instead of the church, dress as fabulous as you can and party hard with all the other Eurovision fans.

If Eurovision suddenly decided politics were allowed, what would be your first political statement?

We don’t wanna Brexit! It’s killin’ the groove!

Are you going to Kyiv or do you have other plans for the final? What are your expectations?

I really wanted to go, but then I fell in love and now I have other priorities. We will watch the shows together from the United Kingdom. Italy must win. I love Italy. I will go for sure if they win!

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