Robin The Woods looking at things

So, we already told you we had a great time in Estonia’s Eesti Laul. But did we tell you we also brought Elin and Robin, aka Elin and the Woods, aka our absolute favorites to win MGP this year? We needed to introduce them to the Estonians, of course.

Robin was so excited he decided to take a tour on his own. Here’s what he stopped to look at along his way:

Looking at all these lights, thinking Estonia has a lot to learn from Finnmark and their more natural, norhtern lights
Looking at an endless stream of cheerleaders, all ready to entertain him. Eesti Laul FTW!

Looking at the camera coming really fast at him, considering whether or not to mind his head
Looking at all these journalists ready for him, finding it a bit funny that they showed up a week early
Looking at the wi-fi password at the press center, thinking the PR people are either a little biased or struggling with the constraints of the new senior politics of Estonia
Looking at that woman flying around in the air. Who does she think she is? Batwoman?
Looking at that woman, running around with no pants on. Thank you, stylist. What a great idea!
Looking at the wide selection of beverages all waiting for him backstage in Estonia, thinking MGP has a lot to learn from this glorious country
Looking at a dull DJ, wondering how the h he managed to get up there and why Robin wasn’t invited
Looking at way too much confetti coming his way. Run for your life, people!
Looking at Måns Zelmerlöw seriously asking himself how we didn’t manage to get rid of that guy last year either. Don’t they know there’s a new hero in town?
Looking at those Estonian winners, trying to pick up a few hints on how to pose when he wins MGP next week
Looking at the line for the food, trying to think of a good way to cut it
Looking at that lame after party, being emptier than Finnmarksvidda on a windy day, thinking it will be a whole lot of more fun in Kyiv

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