Eesti Laul 2017: Awards of the weekend

Ready for greatness in Saku Suurhall. Go Elin and the Woods!

So, we went to Estonia, had a great time and came back in one piece. Hooray! And we brought with us Koit Toome & Laura and their fabulous little tune Verona – for you to enjoy in Kyiv. Hooray again!

We, of course, have quite a few awards to hand out after a weekend of extravaganza. Here goes.

Best use of all elements and then some: Kerli. With all that snow, flames, air and whatnot on stage at the same time we were convinced the whole UN sustainable development summit itself would sort of manifest itself and remind us of those ever so annoying climate changes going on.

Best move of the evening: Lenna Kuurmaa, flying around in the air like some other Freaky Fortune PeterPan RiskyKidd Greek God. We like. A lot. Now maybe she can give a few performing tips to Romeo and Juliet over there?

Biggest waste of good looks: Daniel Levi. Being totally hidden in darkness and neon. We recommend that for Ivo Linna next time.

Best positive energy ever seen east of Berlin: Karl-Kristjan’s Maian jumping around on stage like she has never done anything else in her life. Man, we want that woman in an international final sometime. We’ll introduce her to Epic Sax Guy straight away.

Poli and her entourage. We decided to form a band for next year's Eurovision. Poli sing and we will pretend to play some instruments. Brace yourself, Bulgarian people.
And that would be Poli Genova and her entourage. We decided to form a band for next year’s Eurovision. Poli will sing and we will jump around in lightning dresses pretending to play some instruments. Brace yourself, Bulgaria.

Best reunion: Us and Poli Genova. We were a little disappointed she didn’t wear her lightning dress, as then we couldn’t see which songs she liked. But everything else was great. So great. The greatest.

Most confusing moment: Seeing that the people we sat next to and kept terrorizing with information about our very own Elin and the Woods heads on a stick actually got into the VIP section at the after party. And not only that, but people kept wanting to take a picture with them. What a waste of opportunity for GEE. Will do better research for Kyiv.

Fakest news on stage: Elina Born being called out as the loser. That clearly must be a mistake. Who put PwC in charge of the counting and did anyone check their Twitter account?

Favorite encounter: Our Uber driver Sulev. We summoned him when we realized the whole press conference was in incomprehensible Estonian. What did he do? He found the press conference on the radio and gave us live interpretations as he was driving. Uber really is way too cheap for what it’s worth.

Slightly worrying realization: Koit Toome & Laura not having quite the energy on stage we expected. They kinda looked like two sailing boats in heavy seas up there, to be honest. We do hope the Estonian crew gives them a whole training sessions for them to up their game for Ukraine, both in terms of vocals and delivery. After all, they are up against the dolce Gabbani and his rather unforgiving chimpanzee and those guys should know their way around Verona perfectly.

Biggest disappointment: The afterparty. First we had to pay to get in. Then it was empty because all people were in the VIP section where no one would allow the two most prominent Norwegian guests. Then it was ruined by smoke machines and bad disco from 1992, including the ever so horrifying “Rhythm is the Dancer”, that we never thought we’d have to listen to in a new century. Then we were told we had to pay to get in again if we left to get some food, which they totally couldn’t provide. Safe to say Estonia needs to learn from other countries about treating the international media and we need to go to another national final next year.

Then again: that’s no problem, as there are plenty to choose from. And this weekend we have MGP, where Elin & The Woods will slay the others like only a couple of bad ass joikers could do. Stay tuned!

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