Semi final 2: awards of the evening

We do not have a flag. We repeat, that is not a weapon of mass destruction. Pic by no one from EBU. We hope.

Yay, that was one FABULOUS semi final. We are still high on Georgia or a naked Måns Zelmerlöw with woolf or vodka shots or all of the above, but we have a few awards to hand out, nonetheless.

Biggest cheer in the arena: The crowd during and after Australia’s performance. What a great idea of EBU to move Australia to Europe. It really saves us a lot of travelling time, so we’re considering spending New Year’s Eve in Sydney next year.

– OMG, I am so sick of LIthuania. Are we done yet? Pic by Andres Putting/EBU

Best “WTF, but we’re insanely happy” moment: Georgia being called out as one of the qualifiers.

Worst “WTF, this is not happening” moment: Lithuania being called out as one of the qualifiers.

Best Crimean crime committed in the audience: The GEE girls, managing to smuggle Crimean Tatar flag into the arena and waving it like crazy. That also gave us a lot of friends outside of the arena, wanting to take our picture. Thank you, Zeynep and Sigurd for giving us that flag. Go Crimea! At least until we get that call from a shocked Jon Ola.

– Hey, gals. Might I remind you that I can actually see you up there.
– Hey, gals. Might I remind you that I can actually see you up there?

Best freedom of speech manifestation: Israel’s Hovi Star in the winners’ press conference preaching equal rights for everybody, regardless of gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation etc. etc. We can’t wait for him to tear down that wall on the West Bank.

Best repeating message: Israel’s Hovi Star, saying it was great to qualify on Israel’s independence day. Which is funny, since they also said the day before was their independence day. And the day before that. What an independent country indeed!

Best moment of truth: Petra Mede in the Green Room, reminding Ireland’s Nicky that he’s way too old to be anyone’s loverboy.

POland Hanses.jpg
– Wait, WHAT are you saying? I can’t hear you with all that noise!

Funniest misunderstanding: Poland’s Michał Szpak calling himself Captain Hook in social media, getting it all mixed up. Everybody knows he’s Captain Jack Sparrow. Or Jesus. We cannot for the life of us understand why he’s singing a song about the importance of being yourself when it’s so much more fun dressing up.

Best loser in Eurovisional history: Denmark’s Martin Skriver, who after losing his spot in the final, headed straight for EuroClub and started singing Robbie Williams in the karaoke bar. Safe to say, there was not a single person in that place who were happy Martin is leaving town. Way to go and please stay!

Best moment of realizing that a wedding dress didn’t work this year either: Norway:

Yeah. No further comment. Pic nicked from Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg

Best following of advices: Norway’s Agnete, listening to Hungary’s message of believing in YOURSELF and our message of kicking back a few shots to break the ice. What do you know? She showed up in the press center!

Best news that evening: Switzerland, finally going up in smoke.

Best high tech move: Bulgaria’s Poli Genova, switching on and off her lightning dress according to whether she liked the songs on stage. Will definitely try that next year.

– Shall we go sing a duet, maybe? I’ll be Ell, you be Nikki!

Best acquaintance in EuroClub: San Marino’s Serhat, having the time of his life. And working really hard trying to avoid the GEE girls, who desperately wanted him to a)represent Norway next year and b)sing karaoke and c)buy them a bunch of vodka shots. Better luck with that next time, hon.

Worst misunderstanding of the address to EuroClub: The Norwegian delegation, being rather lonely in the GreenRoom:

– Do you guys know when this party is about to start? Pic nicked from Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg

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