Interview: Freddie on pioneers, kids and what he likes to do in the shower

Fil 13.05.2016, 13.49.42
– Hi, there, GEE girls. Wanna do some pioneering this evening?

Finally. After harrassing most of Hungary’s publicists on a daily basis for a few months and sleeping outside Freddie’s hotel since the 1st of May, we managed to get an interview with the fabulous Hungarian contestant. In a bar! Alone! We had a great private conversation, and here’s what came out of it:

– Congratulations on making it to the final! Were you happy?

– Yes, of course I was! I felt our performance was pretty good. To tell you the truth I felt like I did everything, and that “this must be enough”. Of course I was nervous, but I really believed in the song.

– So did we. We have been keeping a very close watch for you in EuroClub with no result. What have you been doing in Stockholm?

– We’ve been here since the 1st of May, so we’ve had time to go on excursions and cruises, which was highly needed to refill some energy. We also saw a lot of the city and it is breathtaking. I have never been to the Nordic countries before. I love the fresh air.

– Yeah, we have to work on our image, we know more than air. But don’t you want to sing and party with us?

– I am not a real party face. I never party, I prefer concerts. And the time slots available in EuroClub didn’t fit our schedule, but I have performed in Eurovision Village. Maybe we’ll raise the attention to the final when we don’t perform so much.

– That’s right, Hungary, please don’t become Austria anytime soon. Your song has a strong message. Tell us about it!

– It is about being brave and true to yourself and face yourself, also your problems. This song is really me. I hate being lied to and I can’t lie at all myself. The best way to live your life is to not lie. And if you don’t lie to others, why would you do that to yourself? I hope a lot of people can relate to this song and I feel like they love it. I hope that both the song and the message touches people.

Fil 13.05.2016, 13.58.44
We met Freddie in a bar, serving him some of that refreshing air he likes so much. Pic by Freddie’s publicist, as Andres Putting was nowhere in sight

– You are free to touch us all you want, hon. But why do you sing that poems are fake? As writers we should tell you that is not always the case.

– It is a metaphor. In our world, unfortunately not everything that has been said is true. But I do not want to get in to politics.

– Oh, please do. Don’t listen to your publicist.

– You have probably experienced that too, when you are told that something is going to be in a certain way and it isn’t. You can’t take anything for granted, everything is so changeable.

– Yeah, that was true political chitchat. On a more direct note: Our Hungarian readers told us you are called shower boy in Hungary. Care to elaborate on that?

– Haha, where the h* do you come from? I don’t like that and I felt I appeared in a light that didn’t suit me. I am not a shower boy. I worked hard for a year to get away from that image. I needed one year to let everybody know that I am not like that.

– Do you sing in the shower, though? What would be your favorite Eurovision entry to sing there?

– Everybody does. I like a couple of song. I love Malta’s one, because it reminds me of Emeli Sandé. The Czech girl sang beautifully and I was so sorry for Sandja, it was a shame that she started the show. And I love ours.

– We do too. You look really good. Is that important to you?

– What do you mean, am I looking good?

– Come on, hon, of course you do.

– That’s quite a subjective thing. Some may find me attractive, some may not. Of course it feels nice if someone finds me handsome, but I am a singer and I would like to tell serious stuff to people. Like a poet. That is what Eurovision is about for me.

Fil 13.05.2016, 13.49.21
Freddie thinks there are people who doesn’t find this attractive. How cute!

– Our 8 year old associated jury member is crazy about your song and plays it 10 times a day. Why do you think your song appeals to young viewers?

– I was asked before if our song is for children. I have to say not that much, before it has a powerful meaning for grownups. But it is very fun that they like it, I hope children feel the purity and the energy of the song.

– Do you like kids?

– I love them. I have a 4-year-old little sister.

– Awww, are you really that young? Who is your favourite pioneer?

– Myself, that’s why the song was written. And my grandfather. He was a famous football player and he could have been even more popular if he had moved to Budapest, which he didn’t. He felt home in the city where I was born, so he married my grand mother and settled there, focusing on his family instead of career. He was true to himself.

– Nice. We can recommend Bergen or Oslo for that. You had to give up a sports career due to injuries. Would you have chosen music over sports again if you could?

– I loved playing basketball and every time I see someone play, my heart still breaks. But I am the happiest man alive to do what I love most, music. And representing your own country is such a majestic thing that I never thought would have happened to me, especially since I’ve only been an artist for a little bit over a year, and I used to play only 30 people, where I probably knew 20 of them already.

– I am quite a toddler, but I love it and I hope I can live up to the expectations!

Extra material

We’re sure Freddie can do that pretty easily, as he has been rock solid in his performances. In the end we asked him if he could send a message to our 8-year-old associated jury member Sebastian, as he is obsessing so much over his song he is even singing it in a school performance. We think it is a very nice message to send to all kids, and quite a few adults as well, so we hereby share it. Who knows what would have happened if our Norwegian artist Agnete listened to Freddie’s self help speeches, for instance? Let’s hear it for the self help guru of Hungary:

Freddie’s message to the kids from Good Evening Europe on Vimeo.


  1. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Különleges vagy Freddie, ne törődj senkivel, magadat add! Már a fél világ érti amit akarsz, aki meg nem, az felejtős is! Nagyon drukkolunk! Hatalmas ölelés. Csak lazán, Édes….

  2. Oh YES, dear gintonic…At this moment there are 6.470.818.671 people in the world. More than 6 billion souls. And sometimes .. all we need is one.

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