Our 10 qualifiers from the second semi-final in Stockholm

switzerland first rehearsal semi final ebu anna velikova
Quick, someone get the bloody fire extinguisher! Pic by EBU/Anna Velikova

As we are just starting to recover from the first semi final we find out that there’s another one? With 18 more songs? Holyshmoly, we think we just died and went to Eurovision heaven! Here are the lucky 10 WE want to see through to the Grand Final. Please be a darling and do not confuse our ramblings with a real attempt of actually predicting who qualifies. Everybody should know by now that we are completely clueless most of the time anyway. Click on the countries to read our reviews!

Please proceed to the Grand Final:

Better luck next year to these ones:



    1. Clearly a mistake. Good old Donny finished 9th in the final. NINTH! We are in total awe of his super powers.

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