Our 10 qualifiers from the first semi-final in Stockholm

moldova first dress rehearsal ebu andres putting
Chișinău, we have a problem. Tinfoil man is in trouble back there. Image EBU/Andres Putting

Hurrah! The first semi-final is only hours away, and it is time for us to settle on the 10 entries we would like to see qualify for the Grand Final. As always, this is in no way a prediction as such, so don’t place your bets according to our ramblings. This is simply the 10 songs we like the most out of the 18 still in the running. The list has been compiled and settled upon among the two of us after a string of shouty rows at Euroclub and in the press center, Bosnia & Herzegovina style. Click on the countries to read our reviews!

The lucky 10:

Bye, bye to this lot:


  1. Your voting was really weird this year! I wished out half the countries that you wanted in….i usually like ur taste. Was i the only pne thinking estonian guy looked like a weird perv?! And bosnia?? Really?

    1. Each to their own, we suppose. Let’s see if we agree more in the second semi-final!

      And yes, Estonia probably didn’t deserve to go through last night; Jüri overacted the whole thing and did not sing that well. We’re positively surprised by Croatia. Nina’s vocal was really strong as opposed to every single rehearsal she’s had before the semi-final. Best when it counts! Armenia was also cool. We approve.

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