Highlights from the Red Carpet

Last night it was time for the opening party in Stockholm! With the plebeians kept comfortably at arms length, the Eurovision stars finally got to officially meet and greet each other. But before hogging into the free champagne and finger food at the swanky City Hall, they did their schlager duty and had a stroll down the red carpet to show off their finest rags and feathers.

We did of course miss our own Agnete, which was exactly to be expected. We offered to step in, but strangely we never received a reply to that email. Oh well, it’s their loss! As the organizers obviously preferred to keep us safely behind the barriers we made the most out of it and bellowed as loud as we could to catch the stars’ attention. Here’s a few red carpet highlights for you, with pics by yours truly and our buddies over at EBU.

Belarus red carpet
We were happy to see that IVAN picked up our styling tips and showed up on the red carpet without wolves, but with a manbun. Jared Leto might not be that well known in Belarus, but apparently they do read our blog over there. Photo by GEE

iceland red carpet ebu
Somewhere in Stockholm someone is missing their laced bedroom curtains. Photo by EBU/Andres Putting.
armenia red carpet ebu andres putting
Iveta Mukuchyan from Armenia channeling Hollywood diva realness in a statuesque frock worthy of a night at the Oscars. Nice to see she found room in her suitcase for some clothes as well, not only swim suits. Photo by EBU/Andres Putting
bulgaria red carpet ebu andres putting
Think Celine Dion, Dublin 1988. Think again, Poli. Think again. Photo by EBU/Andres Putting
switzerland red carpet ebu andres putting
Rykka from Switzerland must have left the hotel in a hurry since she forgot to remove the curlers from her hair. She must also have forgotten that blue is not a proper hair color. Unless you’re Marge Simpson, that is. Photo by EBU/Andres Putting
austria red carpet ebu andres putting
Zöe from Austria wins this year’s toilet paper dolly competition hands down.
poland red carpet
Kudos to Poland’s fabulous stylist Justyna Bulinski Levine for once again consolidating Michał Szpak as this year’s biggest fashion icon. This outfit is a tribute to Prince. And a nod to ManuElla from Slovenia, we reckon. Photo nicked from Facebook
ireland red carpet ebu andres putting
Ireland may have received a couple of coaching lessons from the Polish delegation on how to pick out a wicked jacket for the big occasions. If only Nicky could hire a decent vocal coach as well and he might have a shot at making the Grand Final. Photo by EBU/Andres Putting
georgia red carpet
The Georgian blokes looking somewhat bewildered and very much sponsored by the nearest Salvation Army secondhand shop. Photo by GEE
france red carpet
”I’ll be looking looking for….Youuuuuu!” Yup, you found us, Amir! Photo by GEE
greece red carpet 2.0
When you can pull of the “half a dinner jacket over a white turtleneck look”, you’re instantly hotlist material in our book. Such a shame this dishy Greek dancer went under our pre-contest radar. Photo by GEE


  1. Oh girls, you know how to put astonishing statements which make any szpak-fan delighted.. A new quote is going to drive all Polish media crazy!!! You nailed it again!

    1. We are truly fascinated by him, and we love his personality and his sense of style. Go Poland!

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