Our night: Dining with our favorite schlagerboys, hooking up with our favorite artists and dancing with Helena Paparizou

Hooray and then some, we just refueled on mexican food and remembered we had a fabulous time yesterday!

We started our day in the press center, where we attended Latvia‘s and Poland‘s press conference. Michal Szpak looked great in his David Bowie sweater. We even got to ask him a question, which was such a sad excuse for trying to get ourselves on tv. But he told us his his soul was red and that he also liked Guri’s blue top, which was mostly white. And he said he wanted to touch us in the semi final, which is more than we ever dared to hope for.

Fil 08.05.2016, 14.57.45
– Next year, I am playing Alexis in the Polish version of The Dynasty!

Also, there were rehearsals. Serbia nailed it and we now think she is fabulous. Ireland was horrendous at first. You cannot show up in Eurovision and sing like that, man. For the sake of your decent catholic upbringing, show some respect! We now know which one of the Westlife boys who had a muted microphone, but at least he was better the third time around. Let’s hope he gets to sing it three times in the semi final as well

Spain pretended to have a sprained ankle and got a huge applause in the press center when she didn’t. We should remind her that this is not football and she is certainly not Ronaldo. Also, filming is allowed.

Fil 08.05.2016, 14.56.20
When someone heard there were real schlager celebrities at the Dutch party, they all wanted to take our picture. Schlagerboys + GEE 4evah!

Having some mezes with the fabulous schlager icons Schlagerboys and asking them for some mentoring set the tone for our best evening yet. They were our favorite acquaintance yesterday, but we had to do our duty and get to know som celebs and, not the least, check out if the Dutch contestant Douwe Bob was telling the truth when he said he would open his bar. And he was:

Fil 08.05.2016, 14.56.42
This is such proud mother and son moment. We wish.

Luckily he let us in and placed us next to Sergey, where we almost fainted during Douwe’s concert. We would have taken a picture, but one should never be disturbed while listening to great music. Also, it was very nice of Douwe to open up the stage to more artists, especially since that meant France‘s Amir. They did Hey Jude together, and we’re telling you they could easily be the new Paul and John. We’d be their Yoko Ono and Due, of course.

Fil 08.05.2016, 14.55.52
– And let me tell you about the great adventure I had, standing next to the GEE girls in a crowded cellar

We had a pretty great conversation with Amir, who turned out to be even better in real life, and our expectations were pretty high. He seemed a bit down from all the bad nonsense reviews his first rehearsal got, saying he had to log off social media for a while, which we totally knew, as we almost filed a missing persons report when we didn’t see him on Snapchat for a few hours. But he said France are doing adjustments in the performance according to the feedback, which again only shows you how well that guy takes care of his fans.

Fil 08.05.2016, 14.55.34
Best moment of our lives! Just don’t tell our kids and spouses.

We now make it our mission to give Amir all the love he could possibly get, starting right this very moment after seeing him nailing his second rehearsal:


In EuroClub we had a strange encounter with Greece. Who knew they had a hot fellah with a hat and could party like true Greeks?

Fil 08.05.2016, 14.55.08
– And where exactly did you hide when GEE were making their hotlist?

Also, we encountered the total of two different artists calling us the funny bloggers, which made us over the moon, of course, as everybody knows SchlagerBoys are the funny ones and we are the grumpy and tacky ones. But you know, in Norway, when more than one person says something, it is named a major trend. Hereby considering a change of our headline to “Good Evening Europe – loved by artists all over Eurovision”.

Speaking of artists WE love, Helena Paparizou played in EuroClub. That was so amazing, we can only show you a photo of what is forever our number one (at least until we see someone else play):

Fil 08.05.2016, 14.54.52
– Do we have a number one in the audience? I repeat: I am looking for a number one!

We also met Cyprus, and they were as fun as expected. Also, they performed in Euro Club:

Fil 08.05.2016, 14.55.18
– YES, I finally got approved by the GEE girls. Next round of drinks is on me

Word of note there: We cannot for the sake of our common rock schlager heart understand why the only decent rock band in this contest show up on stage in Euro Club and do a SLOW BALLAD? And seriously: ED SHEERAN?? That made us a little grumpy, standing very still on Sweden’s best dance floor, trying not to summon Bon Jovi or Adrian Lulgjuraj or both of the above. But the two other songs were great, including Alter Ego. Also, we hereby surrender our quest for finding flaws in their lead singer. It was a only a self preservation thing, really (Click to see that quote in Love Actually pretending we are the ones saying it). Francois is truly perfect and we love him more than we ever dare to admit. Aiya Napa 2017!

Watch out for us in today’s opening ceremony!

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