Sketchy Germany

We can only assume that all the artists competing in this year’s Unser Lied für Stockholm understood the part about winning would actually imply getting on a plane and performing in Globen in May. And we gather the broadcaster NDR vetted them all very carefully to make sure no one had as much as a parking ticket since they obviously forgot to do just that when they initially selected Xavier Naidoo. Who knew Germany could create so much drama? Pass us the popcorn!

Isn’t strange then that still with all these precautionary measures taken to ward off impending danger, Germany ends up with selecting what must be Yohio’s unknown sister? Perhaps there’s something about 18 year old Jamie-Lee we don’t get, after all she managed to win The Voice and score a ticket to Eurovision within a couple of busy months this winter. Looking like an overloaded cupcake wallowing your way through 3 minutes of tuneless dirge is apparently topnotch for some 80 million people.

We sincerely hope SVT can do us all a favor and put this entry somewhere in the running order where it can cause least damage. We suggest running it during a commercial break.

– Excuse me but isn’t this the annual Pokemon convention?


  1. Great review, her clothes and appearance are the main problem from this act, I just don’t get that either! It’s very distracting and unnecessary to dress like she does, it’s to much to handle…:))
    People rather want to see the real Jamie Lee instead of a cupcake on stage!

    1. The problem for us is both the song and her look. But beneath all that stash there’s obviously a quite talented young artist.

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