Who’s calling Iceland?

Ring, ring! Who’s calling Greta? That’s a question that’s been on our minds ever since she won the Söngvakeppnin final back in February. And since we’re serious journalists, we have of course embarked on a mission in getting to the bottom of this. Here’s what we found out:

  • A sobbing Jónsi demanding to know why she ditched him
  • Kaliopi and Donny Montell from the class of 2012 asking if she would like to join their LinkedIn alumni group
  • SVT suggesting she should return the secondhand stagings she borrowed from them
  • The Smoke Monster from Lost
  • A lawyer from Panama asking her if she needs any help setting up a bank account in the Cayman Islands
  • Just some random bloke calling to scream Helvítis fokking fokk! and then hang up
  • Thomas G:son offering to write her a decent rock song next year
  • IVAN’s wolf howling. Or it might just be that bloke singing for Cyprus this year. Or Elnur from Azerbaijan. WHY IS EVERYBODY SINGING ABOUT WOLFS ALL OF A SUDDEN?
  • Agnete asking her if she could be a darling and finish her preview video
  • Poland wondering what color her life is
  • Donald Trump, asking if they should make Iceland great again sometime
  • Disney Cruise Line’s HR-department booking her for the next season of the show Sail-Away Celebration
  • It’s Kaliopi again, wondering if she fancy a donut
  • A Telia customer service representative offering her a subscription with free data roaming within the Nordic countries
  • Spain’s Barei, just calling to say yay

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Greta eventually decided to switch her phone on mute.

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