That 90s show with Ireland

So, Ireland sends their love. And Westlife:

Here’s how we would have reviewed Ireland in 1998, where this entry really belongs:

Dear diary,

Wow, we just disvovered this amaaaaazing artist from Ireland and he is soooooooo handsome <3 <3 <3 When he sings ”I’ll be your lover boy”, we feel like he only sings to us. And our hearts beat so fast at every ”love like beginners”. Because, diary, we think for the first time we really are in love. Just like Victoria when she met David Beckham, right? Did you know Nicky is also a footballer? OMG OMG OMG.

You know how we always wanted to find the perfect singer in our life, and Nicky is sooo soft and majorly handsome and probably the nicest person on earth. We saw that his star sign is Libra, which means he is charming & harmonious. What a perfect match! We think he is even better than Robbie Williams <3 <3 <3

Do you think he will marry us? We will ask him in Stockholm. We want three kids and they will be called Ronan Keating, BabySpice and Kylie. Imagine when he sings them to bed. *fainting*

Yours forever,
The Westlovers

Unfortunately, today is 2016. This is how our review looks like now:

Dear the entire Republic of Ireland,

We have a few questions for you. Like when did the great nation of Johnny Logan and Jedward decide to send us an outdated boyband singer with a song that sounds like a commercial for vitamin D? We mean: ”we’ll live forever in the sunlight”? Seriously? Did you not hear about UV-A and UV-B? With lyrics like that we probably wouldn’t have chosen to display them in the video, btw.

We know that you probably are very proud of Westlife, but did you consider the fact that their audience are pushing 40 now and have matured a little, while the 20-somethings are listening to the cool guys with a rather edgy attitude far away from the sun, like Montenegro?

It would have been nice to see Westlife do the same and you all just put a little more effort into it.

Best of luck with that!

Yours sincerely,
Astrid and Guri

Ah, that is so sad. Whatever happened to our youth, you guys?

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