Freshly squeezed from Israel

We imagine there must be a kibbutz in Israel dedicated to cultivating whole contingents of prospective Eurovision participants. Every season the domestic market is flooded by freshly squeezed products, ready to populate every talent show there is. Each and every one of them with the ultimate goal of ending up on the ESC stage.

Hovi Star is clearly one of those artists that were born to do Eurovision, and yikes, he sure does not miss an opportunity to shout it out for the whole world to know! And how great for him having achieved his lifetime goal before turning 30, but we wonder what he will do with the rest of his life after May 14. There will probably be one big void to fill.

Not to mention how assuming Star as a stage name and singing about stars does build up a set of expectations, which may be a little inconvenient to deal with if Hovi fails to make it past the semi final. Running around Europe as Miss Congeniality doing all the fan events and acting like he’s the only gay in the village won’t count for much when the rest of the 200 million viewers get around to casting their votes in a few weeks.

Made of Stars is an excruciatingly boring ballad, with a build up that promises a big crescendo without actually delivering the goods in the end. We do not deal particularly well with that sort of deceiving behavior, it immediately ends up on our blacklist. If only the vile glam rock version of this song was kept, which originally won the national final; we could have grown to love it for its campy qualities and cult hit potential.

After last years’ Golden Boy we were starting to really hitting it off with Israel. We were probably being naïve to think it would actually last.

– I could TOTALLY fit in as a member of the Kardashian family.


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