Eurovision in concert – what to expect

Someone yawning in the corner there? Must be some language confused Austrian onstage
Yay, it is finally time for Eurovision in concert! All hearts be merry. This is the time when artists gather in the city of Amsterdam to show what they are capable of and, more importantly, what they are not capable of in Stockholm in May.

We sadly have to devote our weekend to children’s football and family entertaining, which sounds like worst case of priorities gone bad, but probably awards us a few very needed karma points for when we hop on the speedy train to Stockholm in May to make the best possible use of our newly acquired accreditation. But we’ll be following the Internet from our very smart phones 24-7, of course.

Here’s what we’ll be looking for:

Will Agnete be joiking?

As you know, we have already heard rumours that Agnete will be singing a bit of her song in the Sami language. This hasn’t been confirmed by the Sami radio yet, so we are very excited to see what happens. Also, we are really proud of Agnete, who is going around to most of the European fan shows, showing us how it is perfectly normal to sing at least two songs and consider it to be one. Only in Norway.

Is Amir for real?

We have been thinking he is a fata morgana that only exists in our Snapchat. Because clearly, no one can be that nice, pretty and fun while both having a great song and singing it perfectly, right? In a vast variety of leather jackets? Do tell us if you discover any flaws or signs of it all just being a mirage.

Is Francesca Michielin wearing a blonde wig?

She’s been styling a blonde wig on Snapchat for a while, and we so hope that’s because she plans on a) jumping the Milkweg stage looking like Thomas G:Son or b) skipping the whole thing and sending Marco Mengoni in disguise. Might also be that she is styling her doll, though. Do enjoy your playdate.

And you are all invited over to my house for dessert!
Will Ira Losco walk on water?

There’s a lot of water to cross in Amsterdam, so that should be very convenient for her. If she pops by a coffee shop she might even start believing she’s Jesus, which is in line with what most of the Maltese seems to think these days.

Is Bruce Springsteen showing up?

We mean, he cancelled his show in North Carolina because of the state’s disrimination of trangenders (bless him). What better place for him to meet like-minded people than in Eurovision in concert? In Amsterdam? There’s a weekend trip for The Boss, all planned. In the name of equality, of course.

Will Ivan have the show of his life?

As we all know, the Dutchmen are so liberal, they won’t even raise an eyebrow at requests for nakedness and living wolves onstage. That should fire up Ivan’s ambitions pretty well. We curse our unlucky stars for not being there to watch.

Will Cyprus convert the fanboys into rock fans with a schlager disguised as rock?

Also, we keep wondering if they’ll show up as divas with baby smooth skin after indulging in all the spa products they so happily took home from their wardrobe in Moscow. The suspense is killing us!

Will Jüri Pootsman kick off a smile?

That is often a question of ours. Very often the answer is a definite ‘no’. Grumpy is the new loud in Estonia.

So, did you hear about this one time, in band camp?
Will they be able to get Highway out of the Red Light District in time?

We figure the lads from Montenegro are on a highway straight to the Red Light District. Will they even bother to drop by Milkweg, where people are twice their age and considers shotting vodka as the most crazy thing they’ll ever do? Doubtful. Nonetheless, we think it is great that they show up as they must be a band worth experiencing. Maybe you can ask Douwe Bob to babysit them?

Is Douwe Bob nailing it once and for all?

We think this guy is seriously underestimated among the fans so far. Judging by YouTube, he should be one of the best live artists to set his cowboy booted foot in Globen in May and we can’t wait for people to discover that. Being on home turf, there’s no question about him hitting a home run. And it hurts not to be there when it happens.

We wish you all fabulous night, and do share the goss online!



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