OMG, we love Thomas G:Son and his Georgian Lolitaz

So this Thomas G:Son is a funny guy. Right when we had him pegged as a notorious schlager machine for half of Europe’s shiny botox queens, he starts writing indie rock for Georgia?

Not that we disapprove. At all. Maybe it was due to the inspiration he got from Nina Sublatti last year or maybe it is the fact that he accidentally ran into Minus One while sunbathing in Aiya Napa in Septemer, but G:Son certainly dicovered rock, and that is the best news we’ve had since Dr. Alban quit music.

What a fabulous man! If it wasn’t for the fact that we have partied with him several times, we would have pictured him as a fantasy figure (he might still be, editor’s comment).

The second best news would be that Thomas G:Son met Nika Kocharov and his Young Georgian Lolitaz. What fabulous people!  We totally dig the fact that they went to England, and kidnapped Noel Gallagher only to place him in their band with a couple of devil horns and  a bass line to die for. We reckon he fits the Tbilisi underground scene perfectly. After all it is way cooler than the English these days, and we’re told these guys are da shit over there, which we don’t find hard to believe at all.

It was only a matter of time before Independent Eurovision became a genre of its own,and Georgia masters that perfectly. Of all the rock entries this year, we must admit this is the best. And it’s not like that was an easy choice for us. Our true rock hearts are usually only fed a few breadcrumbs in this glitzy competition, so you can imagine this year to be pretty overwhelming. But we keep getting back to this one, within good reason.

What fabulous riffs! What fabulous voices! What fabulous 3 minutes that we only want to repeat again and again! It’s like being stuck in a universe you never want to get out of.

Also, we have to talk about the video. Now, whoever came up with THAT was either desperate to use a set for the Halloween/Dr. Strangelove/Tim Burton movie that lost its funding or brilliant. We’ll go with the latter. What fabulous use of play guitars, human skulls and lab coats! We approve 100 per cent.

There’s nothing left to say but didi madloba, which is of course the coolest you can say these days. This is extraordinary! Go Georgia! And go Thomas G:Son!

Do we know who that guy in the back is? Not at all!


        1. But just so we’re in the same page: we do mean both write lyrics and compose when we say write

        2. We have our information from the EBU/Eurovision, that lists Thomas G:Son as the composer, and both Thomas and the band read this review. Are you claiming Thomas was not involved and where do you have your information from?

          (But just so we’re on the same page: we do mean both write lyrics and compose when we say write)

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