Oh, just some good Ol’ Belarusian madness

If there is one person in this competition we count on never leaving the madness behind, it is this one:

Why he sings about the opposite, though, is beyond us. Maybe it is some weird form of irony that never got out of Minsk due to certain import/export restrictions. Nonetheless, Ivan is quickly becoming a favorite of ours after showing up in several fan parties singing everybody’s socks off and acting completely bonkers, just like you’re supposed to in Eurovision. Also, there was a prequel of him running all over the Internet making promises about live wolves and naked bodies. More about that in our x-rated section of the internet after Midnight. Let’s talk music.

“Help you fly” is yet another of those rock entries with a certain 90s touch that we so happily welcome this year. The song is written by the Russian composer Victor Drobys, who also wrote lyrics for “Party for everybody”. Replacing babushkas with a tall, hairy rocker is probably one of his smarter moves.

The song is well composed and feels complete and thorough. We’re also happy the composer kept a certain Russian vibe to it unlike…you know, other entries this year

We imagine being deep down in a dark nightclub in Moscow, where people are trying to forgot about their Shostakovich when the stage lightning comes on, revealing the closest you’ll ever get to a viking in Minsk. And he promises to teach us flying techniques. It’s bound to create a roar, as we’re sure it will also do in Globen arena, woolf or no woolf.

When we first heard the song a couple of months ago, we gathered it needed a strong live performance to make it work. All our doubts about whether that would happen just died and went to heaven while watching the live streams from Riga and Moscow. We can’t wait to experience more of Ivan.

We cannot think of a better person to help us fly, really.

Do you think I can get a role in Frozen now? How about Lord of the Rings? Or, you know, Dancing with Wolves?

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