Best hair in Eurovision pageant

Can anyone match this extraordinary woman this year? Give us your vote!
Can anyone match the extraordinary Kate this year? Give us your vote!

So there are a few interesting facts about this year’s contest. One being that it is chuck full of rockers, another being that there are lots of recycled participants from the alumni club, but the most important is that there is HAIR. LOTS of it, in fact. Had we not known this was a contest somehow related to music, we would have mistaken it for the annual assembly of Europe’s hair models.

And who has shown the best use of hair so far? It seems most of the women had the same blow dry from a random hair dresser on a street in Manhattan, so we’re going to skip a lot of them. We do not see the need for looking like real housewives of New Jersey just because you are singing a song in Stockholm. Let’s focus on the others.

Starting with Cyprus. We mean, seriously! Who knew Ayia Napa was the hair stylist capital of Europe? Take a look at this:


Carefully skipping the vocalist (he’s French and probably doesn’t know better), there are so many great things going on here at once, all adding up to the grumpy rock band look. It was so hard to choose a winning candidate. But then we saw that drummer from behind:


Gathering all your hair in a couple of carefully chosen square centimetres on your head is nothing but an outstanding achievement in badass growing technique. Douze points to Chris. Of course he turned out to be from Canada. Probably has the same hair dresser as Justin Bieber.

And speaking of Cyprus, we have to mention our all time favorite when it comes to hair in Eurovision. The mothership of goldilocks. The one who knows what works, every year:


Thomas Gson. Keeping long, blonde hair trendy for decades.

Speaking of, let’s move on to Ivan from Belarus:


Word of advice from this little fellah: If you plan to show up on stage with nothing but a mongrel: make sure you also have silky smooth, reddish long hair. Sponsored by Wella.

Then there is Poland. From Warzaw directly to you, here comes rootlift:


Oh, honey. With curls like that, not even wrapping yourself in barbed wire will make you look dangerous (and remind us to teach you a lesson about leather jackets with cropped arms sometime).

We are also seriously crushing on this one, of course:


Sacrificing your chances of seeing anything that is going on around you in order for everyone to see the best of you. What a teriffic idea from Kaliopi from FYROM.

Let’s dwell for a second on Amir and his curls (don’t we always?).


It was a dead giveaway, really. If anyone were to show up in Eurovision with serious bedhair it had to be the one from France.

We also like Poli Genova from Bulgaria:


We can relate to this. Putting hair extensions on is such hard work you’re bound to be sick of it half way.

Then of course there are a couple of highlights (!) further east:


The best of UK. Directly from Georgia. Nika Kocharov and his Young Georgian Lolita, aka Noel Gallagher in a not so good disguise.

And in the end, from The Netherlands: Here is The King. Of high hair, at least:


Remember to bring to Stockholm: A bottle of bourbon, my teeth whitener and tons of Brylcreem (read our interview with Douwe Bob, editor’s comment).

We could go on and on, really. There is so much fabulous hair. But we’re stopping here. And letting you decide: Who has the best hair ready for Stockholm?

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