Same old story from Spain

Sigh, every year it’s the same story:

1. Lots of fuss surrounding the build-up to the TVE internal selection/national final. Fans, broadcaster’s PR executives and artist managements rave on about how the next entry from Spain is going to be THE BEST ENTRY EVER, AND IT’S GOING TO WIN EUROVISION!

2. A middle of the road, bland entry is selected and the hype soon reaches epic proportions. Lots of loyal and patriotic SPANISH fans spamming our Facebook feed/the comment section on every ESC themed blog and website known to man/internet polls/voting apps etc. with support and favorable reviews of said entry.

3. Odds shorten proportionally with the hype, making Spanish fans even more confident that SPAIN IS GOING TO WIN EUROVISION THIS YEAR!

4. Spanish entry flops big time in the Eurovision final, placing in bottom half, sometimes even barely avoiding the nil points.

Here’s a thought, why can’t just Spain send a decent song for once?

Shuzz! Don’t tell anyone that the only ones voting for my song in the internet polls are members of my PR management team.


  1. Why you hate Spain so much? I can notice it in of your articles and comments. This year they are doing a really god job and the song is, no doubts, one of the best.

    1. We do not hate anybody. But we are an opinionated website, and Spain is not on our yay list this year, sorry. Feel free to disagree!

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