Macedonian leap year edition

There seems to be no place for Macedonia in the Eurovision Grand Final. In 2012 however an exception to this rule was made for Kaliopi. No wonder the Macedonians have asked her to give it another go.

Albeit a bit boring, there’s also something safe and comforting about getting reacquainted with former participants. The competition keeps evolving, and thank goodness for that, but sometimes it’s nice to see a familiar face. Not to mention how much it pleases us to see that there’s room for female artists passed a certain age. Kaliopi might be conspicuously wrinkle free for a grown up woman pushing 50, but she’s still steaming hot with that sexy boudoir look and the heaviest bangs on this side of Loreen. We do however hope that she won’t make a habit out of showing up every leap year until she’s in a wheelchair in a retirement home though. We need to believe that there is a least one other Macedonian artist that has the potential to qualify.

Those of you who found Crno i belo a tiny tad too animated better brace for impact when the new song Dona hits with full force in Stockholm. It’s a brimful of passion and big, heart wrenching emotions all right, but Kaliopi sells it with such great conviction to a point where we almost buy it. Both voters and the juries tend to reward artists keeping it real, and this is probably a borderline qualifier from the second semi-final. What might pip it on the wrong side of the lucky 10 is Kaliopi overdoing it. There’s a fine line between being sincere and credible and just plain mawkish.

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  1. A lot of people have been talking about how “Dona” sounds like “Donut.” Would it be weird to ask what you favorite type of donut is?

    1. Not weird at all, we’d love to discuss donuts with you! We actually have a special kind of donuts here in Norway called “smultring”. We eat those at Christmas. So that would be our favorite. What’s yours?

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