Breaking News: Agnete will perform part of her song in the Sami language

Question remains: Will she also wear a traditional kofte? Norway's participant Agnete.
Question remains: Will she also wear the traditional outfit kofte? Norway’s participant Agnete.
Secret information that has been revealed to us, finally confirms what has been a rumour for a long time in Norway: Agnete will perform part for her song “Icebreaker” in the Sami language.

– We have been working on this for a long time, says our source. – Many European’s don’t know that Norway is in fact a bilingual country, with Sami being spoken by a vast majority of the indigenous people. With Agnete’s background, this is a unique opportunity to show the world some of Norway’s proud history of always including everyone. Also, the Norwegian broadcaster NRK is obliged to send some of its content in Sami, so this helps them a lot.

Good Evening Europe knows that the team also works on incorporating a small traditional joik in the song, which shouldn’t be a problem as it already consists of two different tunes, establishing Norway as Europe’s melting pot.

The leader of The Norwegian Assosiation for Sami Language in Eurovision (NOSP) Johan Petter Anti Magga, is impressed,

– This is wonderful news! We have been working on this ever since Sámiid Ædnan in 1980. Eurovision is such a great arena for promoting inclusion and we have always wanted our own representative as a part of the competition We see this as an important step along the way to our own spot in the competition.

And the ambition doesn’t stop there.

– We know that there are not so many ethnic entries this year. Even France is singing in English. We think this will be what we need in order for Agnete to win. And then we will definitely be hosting the final in Karasjok next year. Mind my words!

Good Evening Europe will be back with more. For sure.

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