Bulgaria’s fun loving criminal

Eurovision 2016 is building up to be one big reunion party for former ESC alumni so it seems. Not that we think that one single average viewer will remember who sung for Bulgaria 5 years ago and finished 12th in the second semi-final. But we do!

Poli Genova did not make much of an impression back then perhaps, but she had a decent song, one of the better ones even, that actually deserved to qualify. Maybe that’s why many of the hardcore fans desperately want her to succeed the second time around, as some sort of constellation prize. Or because of the fact that she hosted JESC last year and above all comes across as a talented, charming and genuinely likable artist. The fan community certainly knows how to appreciate their darlings.

It’s such a nuisance then, that If Love Was A Crime is a rather lackluster, forgettable song. It bobs along nicely in lukewarm water, it will very likely be performed competently with gusto and conviction, Poli will probably look sharp in a fab frock, but it’s all in vain when the actual song lacks merit. And Bulgaria lacks the track record in Eurovision to get noticed. Without a proper banger they’ll so easily sink without a trace. And end up withdrawing again, without anyone really noticing.

Oh, and for those of you who struggle with the О, дай ми любовта part in the chorus, we google translated it, and it means “I need to feed the cat”. So there, we saved you the trouble.

poli genova
Poli was the first winner of Bulgaria’s most popular reality show, “Where Is My Dress”.


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