Primary colors of Slovenia

Slovenia has been riding high lately qualifying for the Grand Final twice in a row. Enter ManuElla who looks like Taylor Swift and sounds like Carrie Underwood, and before you know it their lucky streak most likely comes to an abrupt end in Stockholm.

Blue and Red is a nice little country ditty, easily digestible with a catchy chorus and lots of purposeful wailing, inviting everyone to sing along without having to bother learning the lyrics. Moreover, it has a goddamn key change happening simultaneously as the quintessential costume change, what can possibly go wrong you say? It’s almost like someone in the team behind ManuElla studied the Eurovision rulebook a little too vigorously. The concept more is more works surprisingly well in Eurovision most of the time, and it’s so very tempting to go all overboard when hunting for televotes and the approving nods from the juries. Especially when the song isn’t really anything special. However throwing in everything but the kitchen sink sometimes backfires.

It’s hard to pinpoint what’s wrong with this entry; it just has a sort of discordant feel to it. Blue and red, cold and hot, sad and happy, the contrasts make us uncomfortable. And at the very least it should be put the other way around, red and blue just sits better. ManuElla is trying her best to smooth things over being cheeky on stage and flirting with the camera, but she doesn’t convince us.

Another thing that worries us is the video put on the official YouTube channel where the studio recording of the song has replaced the audio from the live performance. It’s not a good sign when the home broadcaster shows that little faith in the chosen artist’s vocal abilities. Listen to the actual live performance here and judge for yourself.

We’re guessing ManuElla will end up feeling blue come Thursday night after the second semi final in Stockholm.

ManuElla showing the new targets that will be introduced in the next biathlon world cup in Pokljuka.


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