Washed away by Armenia

We have to admit we kind of miss the type of entries from Armenia’s maiden years in Eurovision. The Armenians brought their own sound that at the time was perfect for what Eurovision had developed into. Mixing elements from traditional folk music with modern pop secured a string of top 10 finishes during the first years after their debut. From 2011 and onwards they went astray from that formula and the success rate dropped considerably. Last year’s pretentious super group entry was just vile.

Nothing would please us more if Armenia reverted back to pumping out run of the mill ethnopop, but sadly it seems like the heydays for this particular genre in Eurovision are gone. Instead they give us Not Alone 2.0, which makes a lot sense we guess. Aram Mp3 wasn’t exactly a charmer, but he was successful with his unconventional dubstep ballad. Likewise, this year’s artist Iveta Mukuchyan does not come across as a charm bomb either and the song LoveWave is as dark, dramatic and moody as Not Alone. It’s a daring choice, but something tells us it will pay off once more.

We’re hoping Iveta turns out to be a total riot on stage tearing the roof off Globen with a powerhouse performance. And not to forget, there’s a juicy ethno riff thrown in there! It sounds a bit misplaced perhaps, but is does impose a delightful contrast between the modern and the traditional. We interpret it as a nod back to the likes André, Sirusho, Inga and Anush.

For the time being we’re cautiously positive. If this one will rise or fall in our estimation all depends on the staging and how the performance in Stockholm turns out.

Well here’s someone who desperately needs to borrow Kylie Kardashian’s lipstick!


  1. I like this song and I like her, nothing extraordinary but the song does not bore me, yet at least.

    1. Both the song and the artist intrigue us. It will be such a letdown if she does not deliver live.

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