No treasure from Belgium

Ok, here’s the deal. Can’t the EBU just ban the Flemish broadcaster VRT from handling the selection process of Belgium’s Eurovision entry ever again? The French folks over at RTBF seem to have gotten the hang of it lately, scoring the best result for Belgium in ages with Loïc Nottet’s 4th place last year. Sometimes being democratic can be such a nuisance.

This year, from a national final sporting a ridiculous weak line-up, girl next-door Laura Tesoro emerged with a throwback disco tune, which easily could have been ripped from the score of an 80s action comedy flick. We half expect a frantic Eddie Murphy to pop up on stage along with Laura.

No revamp, staging or killer performance can save this dated headache infusing mediocrity. Laura is cute and charming, but she doesn’t sing particularly well and looks rather clueless on stage. She’s been given a song to perform and she tries her best, but please, this is Eurovision. It will be Iris all over again, the competitors in the second semi final will walk all over her.

Girl next door look + Hervé Léger bandage dress = fashion fail.

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