The Czechs in check with the rest of us

The Czechs are starting to get a better hang of this Eurovision business after scoring a respectable 33 points in the semi final last year. Not enough to qualify for the grand final, but still a massive improvement. We wouldn’t be surprised if the interest in Eurovision is picking up in the Czech Republic as they return to give it another go with an entry we would label as inspired. The lackluster, almost scornful approach from the past is clearly water under the Charles Bridge by now.

This year they even bothered to splash out a heap of dosh on a promo video. It looks like the singer, who looks stunning btw, spend most of her time wriggling around on the floor of a garden center, but never mind. It’s probably too artsy fartsy for us to understand, anyways.

I Stand is a ballad in the same ballpark as Albania’s entry last year, tailored for a female singer with a big voice. And make no mistake, the slick studio version sounds great. We will however become très impressed if Gabriela Gunčíková comes close to reproducing the vocals live. Remember, Elhaida Dani tried and failed.

Lots of Eurovision fans will be thrilled to see the Czechs reach the final for the first time; it will indeed be a major breakthrough for them. We’re not too sure this entry will cut the mustard though, and further challenged by the lack of friendly neighbors and without a loyal diaspora it’s bound to become an uphill battle for a rooky, no matter what.

“OMG, I mistook the bedroom curtains for my dress!”


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