Lots of ljubav for Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina is back after a few years absence, reportedly due to financial constraints. We suspect they’re still on a tight budget hence the extremely skimpy cello serving as one of the focal points of the upcoming performance. But hey, at least they could afford a rapper to spice up a by the numbers Balkan belter of a song.

We have grown to appreciate this particular genre over the years; the Eurovision line-up is simply not complete without at least one big, fat larger than life melodramatic ballad from one of the Balkan countries. It’s not modern, far from groundbreaking, not even when a rapper is thrown in for good measure, but who cares as long as it’s well crafted and well performed. Dalal & Deen sing the socks off this relatively mediocre number and there’s just something so completely right about that knockout of a cellist throwing herself into a fierce battle with that rapper dude, it can hardly get any richer.

Being so true to the original recipe is a secure road to being abundantly awarded with votes and lots of love from across the continent. We actually made an effort to pen down said recipe when reviewing Montenegro’s entry last year, and yup, we’re ticking off most boxes here. Apart from the mandatory promo video sponsored by the national tourist board it’s all there, but we assume they are running a bit low on cash as well these days.

We welcome Bosnia & Herzegovina back in the fold!

This is not a cello. No, really, it’s just a representation! Or is it not? Oh lord, we have to read up on Barthes again.

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