Oh…My…GOD. We love Freddie!

Close your eyes and imagine a hunky hunk with a voice to die for and a song that just screams Eurovision. Enter Freddie, AKA Bryan Adams, Hungary edition:

Ah, Freddie. Don’t even get us started on Freddie. We thought we’d died and gone to heaven when we saw Freddie. Everything we do, we do it for him. Please forgive us.

And believe us. There is more to this than a toned upper body and a pair of puppy brown eyes. The voice this fellow unveils onstage is unbelievable. Someone told us Freddie mostly used to sing in is shower until recently and we just have to say: That is one lucky shower head and one waste of talent. Until now, at least. We can’t wait for his rasping, yet velvety and unbelievably sexy harmonies to reach the European audience. May we suggest a whole bunch of defibrillators in the audience?

The song is everything you would ask for in a Eurovision final, really. There is the slow build up to the chorus that explodes and sticks with you the first time you hear it. And the intriguing whistling, that strangely just fits into the whole. Then there’s bridge that tickles our ears like the finest of feathers. It’s everything, really.

And finally, there is a drummer. We wonder who came up with the idea of a guy beating up a ginormous drum with two glowsticks while doing a couple of 360 degrees somersaults. Can someone please nominate him or her for the Oscars? To us, that move is as pure Eurovision as it gets. It seems like the indigenous dance of Eurovision. It is almost as if it has been done by artists in generations, only we just came to realize its value.

We do need a little chat with Freddie about poetry, though. We don’t know if Hungarian poetry is particularly bad or if something really horrible happened in Freddie’s poetry class while he was young, but as literary majors and writers, we feel it’s our duty to inform him that not all poems are fake. We know it is sometimes hard to believe, but you just haven’t met the right poem yet, honey. We’ll gladly bring a few candidates to Stockholm for you to take a look at, and there is always the Internet if you can’t wait. Keep on searching!

Lyrics aside. Ever since his royal highness Bye Alex, we have had a love affair with Hungary in Eurovision. Freddie does not stop it. Quite the opposite. We can’t wait to see this in Globen arena. Until then we’ll just listen to our 8-year-old jury member singing his song in the shower. Which totally makes sense, we guess.

Look! I’ve got much bigger hands than Donald Trump!


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