Another miss from the Swiss

With the MGP final done and dusted it’s time to crack open a new review season. Hurrah! And what better than to start off with Switzerland, the first country ever to win ESC?

Lately, the Swiss have gotten pretty used to reminiscing about yesteryears’ success. In fact, after the introduction of the semi-final(s) they have only managed to qualify for the final twice. In Vienna, poor Mélanie René ended dead last in her semi-final with a meager 4 points. We strongly suggest the Germans, Swiss and Austrians to form a voting block instead of stabbing each other in the back, like they did last year. Look to the Nordic countries, or the Balkans!

Having shown a remarkable ability to select entries with little appeal on either side of the Alps we are seriously starting to question the Swiss’ taste in music. Or more likely it seems like doing Eurovision is a far cry below what the real artists in this snobbish country care to be associated with. That doesn’t seem to concern Rykka much, she’s Canadian and can’t be too picky with what country to represent. Smart move to give it a go in Switzerland by the way, which did work out quite well the last time someone tried. However with that someone being Celine Dion we highly doubt that history will repeat itself even though stranger things have happened. Or not really forget that, not even in Eurovision.

The Last Of Our Kind is a decent little number. Arguably modern, it bobs along in a drowsy mid-tempo, while we’re waiting for the song to develop. Only sadly it doesn’t. It lacks punch, it becomes annoyingly repetitive and Rykka does not manage to sing well enough cover up for the song’s deficiencies. Nevertheless, the singer is somehow the biggest asset here; the camera loves her.

It’s not the worst song of the season, but bearing in mind Switzerland’s track record and stingy neighbors, we can’t see how this one will make it past the semi-final.

“Shuzz, I’m channeling in Marilyn Monroe here!”


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