MGP 2016: When not making your mind up

Agnete – «Icebreaker»

Don’t mess with chicks from Nesseby!

The average Eurovision fan sure knows to appreciate a familiar face, and Agnete already earned her fame as MGPjr winner and MGP runner up long before she never finished high school. Lately she has claimed her fair share of primetime TV exposure and proved that she can carry a tune live without caving under the pressure of knowing half the country is watching. Her dancing skills are not too shabby either it turns out, all of which is of course nice to know in case we accidentally manage to vote her all the way to Stockholm in May.

Icebreaker is three songs merged into one, which seems a bit excessive and confusing, and above all very unnecessary. We wish Agnete could have settled for one of the three although probably none would have had any real winning potential. The whole package comes across as rather drab, moody and utterly charmless, which is not exactly the road to success when the televoters gather in front of the telly on a Saturday with their tacos and Diet Cokes.

A fab frock and a killer performance may lift this into the superfinal. After all there’s not much to choose from this year.

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