MGP 2016: Soon to be forgotten

Elouiz – «History»

A sneak peak of Ellos’ next spring collection. Cardigans in fifty shades of blue!

We’ve never heard of Elouiz before and were kinda relieved that it was not a dansband from Hedmark. But when it turns out it’s a 20-year-old Swede who, according to her bio, never performed for a live audience before, we dunno what we would have preferred. Where do NRK find these people? Did they not find a single artist in the pile of contributions this year more worthy to make the cut? Somehow we find that very hard to believe. Why couldn’t Elouiz start auditioning for Idol, like every other normal teenager with aspirations of becoming the next Taylor Swift or whatever would do?

The only history in the making here will perhaps be in the category “most short-lived career on national live television”. Bye bye!

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