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So, tonight is the big night in our country, AKA the national finals for Eurovision, AKA Melodi Grand Prix. Who will we send to Stockholm? We haven’t got the faintest. But we’re opinionated, all right. So here’s what WE think you’ll see tonight:

The Hungry Hearts feat. Lisa Dillan – «Laika» 

The show starts off in the best possible way with a bunch of lesbians and a dog on their way to space. Who doesn’t love the disco? Vote 1 for The Hungry Hearts, peeps! Read our review

Stage Dolls – «Into The Fire» 

Then there are a couple of glam rockers way past their best years, but still in great shape. That Torstein Flakne still knows how to sing. Let’s hear it for Stage Dolls! Read our review

Stine Hole Ulla – «Traces» 

That would be some sort of popera directly delivered to you by Elsa from Frozen. Good grief! Read our review

Makeda – «Stand Up»

Cool chick, not so cool song. Go get your drinks instead! Read our review

Pegasus – «Anyway»

Wannabe boyband with a song that not even Boyzone would touch. Not to be preferred. Read our review

Freddy Kalas – «Feel Da Rush» 

We’re talking holiday music straight to you form Aiya Napa. And who wants to be reminded of that place? Read our review

Laila Samuels – «Afterglow» 

Desperately trying to make some sort of comeback. Which probably won’t happen tonight. Read our review

Elouiz – «History» 

There’s one thing that’s certain: This lady won’t make history tonight. Read our review

Suite 16 – «Anna Lee» 

Another boyband. Straight to you from Disney Channel. Or DMGP. We can’t figure out which. Read our review

Agnete – «Icebreaker»

Is supposed to win with a ballad that sums up all other ballads around. And we already applied for a new citizenship. Read our review

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