MGP2016: Eurovision by the numbers

Laila Samuels – «Afterglow»

Laila Samuels, staring into the abyss

Laila Samuels ALMOST became a superstar in the mid 90s as the lead singer of a popband no one remembers. We’re positively beside ourselves with joy now that she’s FINALLY making her comeback. Or not really, but according to the hype NRK is trying to create, that’s how we’re suppose to feel at least.

Afterglow is a vaguely ethno infused anthem with lush violins, dramatic drumming and lots of wailing. In other words, tailor made for Eurovision, and it’s almost as we’re pre-programmed to like it. But the thing is, we don’t. It leaves us cold and with a nagging feeling that somewhere there’s a lazy producer underestimating our sense of quality, expecting us to love whatever thrown at us. We refuse to settle for this; Europe deserves something better from a country that has brought us Nocturne and Fairytale. Afterglow is nowhere near ESC top 10 material.

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