MGP 2016: Wrong country!

Sorry, man. You just missed the Mister Aiya Napa 2016 pageant.
Sorry, man. You just missed the Mister Aiya Napa 2016 pageant.

Back in the very old days, like around when Per Sundnes was born, Norwegians used to go to Aiya Napa, Maspalomas and Magaluf for their winter hollidays. There they would drink all the tequila they could find, throw up in all the garbage cans available, dress in the cheapest dresses for sale at the beach, feel like true local people and have the time of their life. And the music they would play continously throughout the day? It sounded exactly like Freddy Kalas.

We’re sure someone, half a sleep at their couch after a gazillion horrible ballads, will appreciate this song. And we’re even more sure it will introduce fun to Oslo Spectrum. But apart from that, we just have to say: This is hideous. We have already booked a one way trip to Gran Canaria for Freddy Kalas right before the rest of us go to Stockholm. We’re sure he’ll have a ball with the 80 year olds that’s still hanging around there.

Safe journey, man. Don’t forget that there’s a life jacket under your seat.

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