MGP 2016: Will she rise to the occation?

Makeda – «Stand Up»

A beautiful illustration of how to stand up. Watch and learn, peepz!

One should think that skipping the semi-finals in MGP, there should be ten really good songs in the final, with no need for fillers. Apparently not, cause Stand Up has filler written all over. Conveniently placed as number 4 in the running order it will serve its purpose as a pleasant, bouncy, happy go lucky number which no one will remember in the end.

Don’t get us wrong, we kinda of like it, but let’s be honest, who will actually vote for it? Makeda is cool and probably better than her song, but she’s not right for MGP and we think it will shine through in her performance. She’ll get the desired exposure for about 5 seconds, but what’s the point if she’ll be forgotten the moment she exits the stage? Something went wrong in the casting process with this one, we gather.

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