Cypriot heart breaker

Great news: After what seemed like an eternity gone awol, Cyprus is back with just the tiniest little boom:


Cyprus is one of those countries we always appreciate the presence of in Eurovision. Well almost always, anyway. There have been hiccups. But like Malta, they have a tendency to hook up with great songwriters from around the English speaking part of Europe and usually end up with picking a decent winner among the gifts they bring.

That also seems to be the case this year. John Karayiannis’ song is cowritten by the British Mike Connaris, who also wrote Lisa Andreas’ entry Stronger any minute, which is now mentioned.

This is a nice song, however. We love the toned down simplicity they’ve got going there. It reminds us of previous entries like the ones from Bye Alex, Gianluca Bezzina or even Jon Lilygreen, all of them being true heroes in our book for just toning it down a notch

We also enjoy the soft voice from Cyprus and we do get why John was one of the chosen few to grace the stage of the Vienna opera house. We appreciate the moment to close our eyes and relax a little among all the screaming warrior women we’re not exactly blessed with this year. And as we do, we sort of dream away to an island in the Mediterranean where you can do nothing but to go for a swim, rub yourself in sunscreen and wonder what you did wrong in your love life.

But then something happens. Right around when John realizes that he should have been there for you (or for us, we mean. We’re certain he sings to us). The song just stops like it has hit bad traffic or seen Thomas G:Son or something. And it never really recovers from there, which is well done since he’s kept us all in great suspense, wondering about what the one thing he should have done really was.

We’re not going to ruin the only excitement for you. Only state that the one thing isn’t groundbreaking, not even in Cyprus. So we can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed at the end. Here we were, expecting a sudden realization of the one thing we KNOW John should have done, which is pull over to an enormous key change, rip his shirt off and hit the wind machines big time. And all we got was a sobby story? Not how we would have ended things, that’s for sure.

We get it, though. Breaking hearts is a tough thing, and John seems like a tender one. After all he’s only 20 and probably haven’t met to many blonde Swedes in Ayia Napa yet. For that we wish him all the best. And please give us a call if you need any advise or new hearts to break for later, hon!

Aww. look at that! He even sent us a picture from his first day at school!
Aww. look at that! He even sent us a picture from his first day at school!

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