Faith in Latvia reinjected

Latvia hasn’t qualified for the final since 2008 and it makes us wonder why they still bother to show up. And not to mention how they could have saved the rest of us from having to suffer through a whole bunch of shockingly bad entries had they stayed at home. Every single non-qualification have been earnestly deserved, we’ll give them that.

So when a country of the assumingly tone deaf suddenly strikes back and goes ahead selecting one of the most standout songs in this year’s contest, it’s nothing short of surprising. Like, who knew? Not us, that’s for sure, we’re still busy picking up our gobs from the floor. We sort of gave up on the Latvians somewhere along the road. It must have been right around when the bouncy blokes in PeR showed up in glittery blazers in Malmö and we think we all died a little when they started to rap. Yikes, we still cringe just by thinking about it, remind us not to ever remind ourselves again.

And let’s not dwell in the past and rather focus on the present and hopefully brighter Eurovisional future for this Baltic nation. Gone are the days of the chirpy, yet completely clueless amateurs, as Aminata seems to be of a slightly darker disposition, but by golly she can sing! And she has written Love Injected herself, which is an original, delightfully esoteric number. It will perhaps not be embraced by the masses, but it tells us that we’re here dealing with an artist with a creative force beyond the usual caliber we’re treated to from the Eurovision stage. And even though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, at least no one can accuse the Latvians for sending crap this year, as this oozes of class, quality and professionalism. Which must count for a lot, regardless of the result Aminata will bag in Vienna.

It somehow reminds us of Georgia’s smash debut back in 2007, which has proven to stand the test of time. We predict a similar result for Latvia in Vienna.

Aminata has always struggled with having cold hands.


  1. I absolutely adore her! I will totally vote for her! I just hope that the backing vocalist will not ruin the performance as they did at the Latvian NF. Their vocals were way too loud.

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