Rome 2016!

Our relationship with Italy is deep, heartfelt and renown. So when they showed up with all of their grande amore this year, it’s safe to say the feeling was mutual and our happiness was complete:


Italy pretty much sums up the highlights of our life, really. And no, they are not only gelato, pizza and Brunello.

One of our finest childhood memories is related to Toto Cutugno. It was the year of 1990. We were still to be called young, the Maastricht treaty was yet to be signed and EU still seemed like a swell idea. Enter the man in white with women in all sorts of colors preaching love and togetherness in the name of Italy. La canzone Italiana won. Of course it did. Who the hell could compete with Toto Cutugno? No one. Not then, not ever.

One of our finest Eurovision memories is still connected to Marco Mengoni. We almost fainted when he entered the stage in Malmö for the first time. What a man, what a voice, what a country of dreams. But he didn’t win. Of course not. Let’s just repeat this one more time: If you are a very talented, beautiful Italian man in Ferragamo standing on the stage of your life delievering a song that could completely blow they jury away: Do not scratch your balls and pretend no one is watching. Not now, not ever. But Marco did great nonetheless and we forgive him. After all the king of vibrato is the one we turn to for Spotify comfort when things get rough and the fact that he later serenaded a pack of 20 fags doesn’t hurt either.

Enough of the old, let’s hail the new, but you should be getting the picture by now: Our love for this country is driven by a) a great man and b) a great suit and c) a great message. This year Italy has THREE fabulous men, THREE equally fabulous suits (and a RED pair of glasses) AND the best message of them all. It’s almost too much to take in. More is definitely more.

Also, the song is perfetto. We always crave for grand entries like these. They are like an aria by Verdi, building up dramatically until you almost cannot bear to listen. And when you don’t think there is any more passion left in the poor singer’s soul, they increase it by 50 per cent.

It’s songs like these that mean business. They are the real deal. They tell you something; they make you feel a whole lot of things and they don’t leave you until you are truly convinced. We got that last year from Conchita and now Italy is doing the job. We cannot even begin to say how grateful we are.

Italy knows their passion. Every time that becomes evident, we forgive them for everything else. It’s like there never was a Berlusconi, like we never kissed the wrong boys on our teenage holidays and like we never had to change trains at least a hundred times during our Interrail. Because it’s all great. Italy had Toto Cotugno, they had Marco Mengoni and now they have Il Volo. Who could compete with that?

Our grande amore is for you, Italia. Of course it is. It always is and always was. We already booked our tickets for ROME 2016. Now, go make Toto Cutugno proud!

When Sweden realized these guys could win, they went ahead and locked them up in the wardrobe. Just to be sure.



  1. Wow! You sure put up some passion here. It’s always great to see people passionate about something even though one may not share it.
    You lucky girls always seem to go for the winner, don’t you? 😉

    1. Italy winning Eurovision again would be a dream come true for us. And this year they would really deserve it. Those Il Volo guys can take us on a flight anytime! Who’s your favorite this year?

      1. I seem to have gone for the fanwanks this time: Slovenia, Estonia and Sweden, though I’m not sure Sweden qualifies as a fanwank as the fans keep rambling about how the brilliant staging is masking an average song. But I also love ireland, Belgian and Latvia, among a few others.
        No thin, young pavarocellis for me though, thank you very much 😀

      2. Btw, I don’t like the monsters. They’re not making much sense to me and I need some kind of sense in a song. Anyway, 4 years in a row favouring Norway would be approaching weird, I feel, so I’m not mad at you.
        I’m curious about how you feel about them, so… bring them on fast!

      3. Well, it seems like we actually like many of the same songs. Apart from Sweden that is. And some of them will surely do well. And no worries, you’re allowed to take a year’s break from your ongoing support Norway campaign. Our review is coming soon!

  2. A great breath of fresh air, after the talented but poorly and badly adviced Emma (I didn’t expect that her staging would have been so unclassy and unelegant, the hard punishment was partially deserved). Many italian music fans dislikes these international artists by casuality born in Italy, but il Volo is what the world expect from the country, musically speaking.
    The problem could be the juries, but I trust in their manager Michele Torprdine ( the same manager of Andrea Bocelli and Zucchero Fornaciari) to do a great lobbying job. So I’m going to by the ticket for Rome 2016 too!!!

    1. Yeah, we suppose this kind of entry fits well with the rather superficial perception foreigners have of Italian music. Having lived in Italy, we know that had Raf won we would have gotten a taste of the more current domestic music scene. However, Grande Amore is perfect for Eurovision, and we love it!

      1. I agree, Grande Amore is perfect for Eurovision, and even is not my cup of tea, I’m amazed by their exciting talent! Anyway, is better not to take first place for granted, cause il Volo has many serious opponents.

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