Ups, Lithuania fell into the love potion goblet

Lithuania has actually been fairly successful in Eurovision lately, and with the exception of the small mishap with the unfab screaming lady wearing a lampshade in Copenhagen they tend to squeeze through to the Grand Final. Life is simply too short to spend time trying to understand their unbelievably complicated national selection process, and we wouldn’t dream of suggesting to send delegations from less successful countries on a study trip to Vilnius. Although we’re sure there’s some EU funding scheme available for that. But as long as it’s working out for the Lithuanians we see no reason to change it.

The marathon selection process culminated with not one, but two winners this year and to avoid sending two songs to Vienna, which we are pretty sure would be against the rules, Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila agreed to join forces and sing a duet.

This time is a nice little ditty about being in love, and it’s a great show opener to the second semifinal. Monika and Vaidas seem to both being able to carry a tune, it does look like they like each other, they bring a good energy into the song, Monika is super cute and Vaidas is majorly hot. What’s not to like? Or perhaps more precisely what can possibly go wrong?

What can hurt this number most are probably them overdoing it. Wobbling around on stage like two deranged nutcases the way they did in the national final was simply not very charming. Maybe they had already started on the champagne or bumped their heads on a sharp object when they stormed the stage to receive the winner’s trophy. And yeah, we get it; they were probably over the moon happy with winning. But being able to control that energy is absolutely crucial or else it can result in a performance completely in shambles. And is there anything more off putting than watching a couple being so crazy in love they can’t behave in public? Get a room, for crying out loud!

With those issues sorted we suppose the Lithuanians once again have a good shot at getting through to the Grand Final.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears scooch over, the denim over denim trend just hit Vilnius!


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