Just another UK election

Remember The Scatman? After a long and much appreciated leave of absence he is discovered in the British Isles:

The British tend to elect the wrong people these days, no doubt about that. That’s why we were quite surprised when Electro Velvet showed up in Eurovision and a) were not a useless boyband and b) did not wear less clothes than Kim Kardashian on the beach and c) did not look like anyone that used to be famous for a while, not even like Bonnie Tyler. Bliss.

The song is not half bad, especially considered it is British. Every year we want UK to succeed so much we give them a head start. Nonetheless they end up at the bottom of our list. Except now, that is. Congratulations on picking a song that both has a beat, comprehendible lyrics and a certain development throughout the song.

We like the electro pop thing they’ve got going. The violin is top notch, of course, and scatting and key change adds to the value. Still, though. What the other British entries lacked in genuineness before, this one seems to lack too. It feels like someone sat down and decided on three boxes to check this year and made an entry to match, delivered by well chosen reality show artists trying to sell us an idea they don’t really believe in it themselves. The idea of retro is also everything but original after Mad Men opened the ball 8 years ago.

People who claim not to love Eurovision, but of course watches it nonetheless, might actually find their favourite here. Do they vote, though? Hardly. That’s why we cannot see UK succeeding much in Vienna either, unfortunately. In a contest where the unstoppables are worshiped, faking it doesn’t meet expectations very well. Believe it or not, the voters are harder to convince than first anticipated.

We think BBC should realize that their traditional system of officials picking an entry is not doing them any good. In a media world where the audience opinion is God, there is little to gain from not asking them what they think. Unless, of course, you don’t want to win. But then why the heck do you participate? We want to go to London soon, for Chrissake!

Oh, well. Luckily, BBC assures that Bianca is known to do a great impression of Britney Spears, while Alex can be Mick Jagger anytime. Watch out ye fine karaoke bars of London. And those of you who populate them.

“Look at us, we’re retro! We choose to sing into an ancient steering wheel instead of a microphone!”


  1. “You might get wet I’d be upset”
    “You’re bound to get sneezes
    Or nasty diseases”

    The BBC probably wanted to set up a new record! The UK will become the first country to place 27th on a Eurovision grand final! ^_^

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