Burn, San Marino!

After three consecutive years of Valentina Monetta we were seriously starting to wonder if she in fact is San Marino’s sole inhabitant. We even had doubts about San Marino being a proper country; perhaps it’s just a post box in Germany. You know, that eerie feeling you get when you’re about to realize you’ve been scammed. Yup. #thatfeeling.

So when Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola was announced as the Sammarinese representatives for Eurovision 2015 we figured that there must be at least three people hailing from this enclaved microstate. And probably a handful more, which coincidentally every single one of them have been given a mention during the 1:30 minute long closing credits of the promo video. Neat.

Unfortunately for the young and innocent Anita and Michele they are still stuck with the old geezer from Germany, and unfortunately for the rest of us, he has really outdone himself this time by writing A REALLY CRAPPY SONG. We don’t want to be mean to children and the elderly, so we better cut ourselves short here, or else it can turn ugly.

Our only hope for next year is a new rule implemented by the EBU that would protect small states around Europe from becoming annexed by old men gone completely gaga for the sole purpose of torturing unsuspecting TV-viewers with pure noise pollution. Enough already!

And for the latest in mail order fashion…



  1. They keep telling people to light up a candle and build a “chain of farts,” even though it’s extremely dangerous with all the methane gas buildup. Don’t Siegel and Meinunger know what happened to Kenny when he lit his fart on fire in the South Park movie?

  2. From visiting several blogs and forums and other pleasant eurovision havens where people point their good views it just stroke me as odd never once having met a San Marinese individual. I don’t want to go as far as to suggest they are being held hostages but I believe it is safe to assume the state is under vicious attack.
    Shouldn’t something be done to prevent such annual assault and save those poor souls?…

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