Germany smoked out a winner eventually

Ok, insert interesting backstory: Unser Song für Österrich blablablablabla, Andreas Kümmert, blablablabla, wait, what? Shock and disbelief! Blablablabla, runner-up, blablablabla, Ann Sophie with Black Smoke!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock since New Years Eve, or don’t have the slightest interest in the Eurovision Song Contest (in case of the latter we wonder why you read our blog), there’s no way you’ve missed this national selection season’s biggest scandal. It was thoroughly covered in a timely manner by most fan sites and even by the mainstream media across Europe so we won’t bore you with details, but this post by our favorite Eurovision bloggers across the pond sums the shenanigans up nicely.

We are quite sure every single commentator will make a point out of mentioning the rather unusual events leading up to Ann Sophie entering the stage in the Wiener Stadthalle on the night of the Grand Final. Will it hurt her chances of scoring the result she deservers? Will most people even care? Do viewers take much notice at all of the uninspired introductions most commentators mechanically churn out? We think not. The voters across Europe will judge this song on its own merits as will the professional juries. And since everything about this entry is relatively mediocre it bodes for a relatively mediocre result.

We can certainly understand why the Germans feel jilted by not being represented by the artist they actually voted for, however we doubt Andreas Kümmert would have scored a better result. He had the better song, but lacked a performance. As far as Ann Sophie is concerned one might say it’s the other way around. Not yet a flawless performance, but at least it has potential.

Coming across as a mix between a glamorous diva and a shy schoolgirl, Ann Sophie has that certain je ne sais quoi that draws attention in her direction and makes her look great on camera. The song she has been equipped with demands sass aplenty and by God you can tell she is really trying to deliver. And this is where her shortcomings become a little too visible. Being caught in the moment she becomes too animated and exited, and even tough it’s actually kinda charming to witness her almost childish, bubbly joy, she falls out of character. She’s had a bit of time to work on these issues so with some coaching she can manage to gain the poise and coolness the song deserves, which will definitely improve the performance. Still, we can’t see this one ending up on the left side of the scoreboard, and Germany’s best shot at bringing the competition back on German soil is definitely with that Australian guy (lame pun unintended).

– And to my left we have the real winner of Unser Song für Österrich.


  1. I feel like you are sitting on the fence with this issue, tell us how you really feel! ;PIt sure does seem disappointing to see charges like that just dismissed. The one thing I will say in the judge’s defense (not that he needs my help) They are never allowed to speak in the press regarding their rulings.So we are always scrutinizing rulings such as this through the filter of how it is reported. Can anyone find a link to the actual ruling at the Court of Queens Bench?

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