Moldova trippin’ over

Ah, bless! Throughout a decade of Eurovision participations the Moldovans never fail to deliver something, well, unusual. This year they have been gracious enough to facilitate the participation of the absent country Ukraine, by selecting Eduard Romanyuta and his 90s throwback electropop stomper I Want Your Love.

Eduard has attempted to represent his home country no less than three times without success, which is not bad for a kid looking like he’s barely out of high school, while at the same time he has apparently been winning (?) two master degrees and started to work on his PhD thesis on international competition of tax systems and tax policy of Ukraine in the context of Euro integration. Pew, as a friendly piece of advice we recommend everyone to refrain from reading as many badly written and dubious Wikipedia articles as we are forced to plough through in lack of other credible sources.

And when this many talented scholar shoots straight to the top of the scoreboard and earns the right to represent Moldova in Vienna, it above all speaks volumes of the Ukrainians’ high quality standards, and makes us wonder what the heck goes on behind the scenes in Chișinău. A bit disappointing really since this has been a country that has provided us with so many wonderfully wacky entries showcasing a rich and vibrant music scene filled with homegrown talent. There is no need whatsoever to grow an inferior complex all of a sudden.

The funny thing with Eduard Romanyuta is that he’s not really a great singer, he lacks stage charisma and he most certainly can’t dance. Being lumbered with a poor song makes his prospects of success in Vienna even slimmer. Only he seems too self absorbed and in love with himself to notice it. We guess a reality check in May will do wonders for his character.

The unintentional side effect of being too heavy on the airbrush; your smoking hot dude ends up looking like a girl. Or could this actually be Milan Stanković’ Ukrainian cousin?


  1. It’s very simple how he got to represent Moldova. He was the only one in the national final line-up rich enough to pay for all the expenses of the Moldovan delegation in Vienna.

    I’m curious about the song though. I think that Britney Spears rejected it 10 years ago and then the songwriters tried to give it to other singers for free but everyone rejected it. I think that even Nicki French rejected it. What then? They put it on ebay and this guy bought it for $10.

    1. There’s definitely something fishy about Moldova’s entry this year. The artist, the song, the fact that it ended up being selected, the amount of cash spent on that flashy promo video, the dubious and frankly rather amateurish marketing etc. It doesn’t quite add up, all though we have nothing but rumors and speculations and not much concrete to back up our suspicions.

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