Georgia fight their way back

Now here’s a chick we would rather not run into in a dark alley in the shadier parts of Vienna heading back from Euroclub. Those piercing eyes scare the living daylights out of us. Here’s Georgia’s declaration of war for you!

Perhaps we’ve missed something crucial here, but we cannot quite understand why batshit crazy women with smoldering smokey eyes and a shouty song make the united fannies of Europe squeal with joy and throw raving reviews. Because most people don’t take a particular liking to it, and would prefer not to be screamed at by a scary lady when they sit down with their tacos and sodas to enjoy a spot of annual family friendly televised entertainment. We see a fanwank in the making. It happened to Mei Finegold in Copenhagen and we have a growing suspicion it will be the same story all over again for Nina Sublatti this year. People are simply more induced to put away their carefully curated tortilla wraps for a few seconds to vote for presentable Danish school kids or even the firecracker in a red dress from Serbia with an oh so banal, but understandable and uplifting message.

Not to be overly critical we have a few positive aspects to point out here, mainly to avoid getting our relationship with this crazy Georgian damsel off on the wrong foot and just because we feel a certain sisterly connection to headstrong, opinionated women not afraid to speak their mind. And Nina seems to be firmly in control here. When not even the Eurovision svengali Thomas G:son manages to talk her out of changing those nonsensical lyrics, nor throw in a clunky keychange or two, she really does earn the right to call herself a warrior. And for what it’s worth she wins the warrior princess battle with Malta hands down. Not to foreshadow too much of our upcoming review of Amber’s tryout for the title, we like to keep you in suspense. However, we’ll reveal as much as if Nina can be compared to a deadly panther, then her Maltese counterpart is nothing but a fluffy kitten yet to be potty-trained.

For someone who’s releasing a debut album called Dare to be Nina Sublatti it seems delightfully appropriate to follow up on that bold statement, presenting an entry in the same vein. But we reckon Nina is a tightrope walker, maintaining a balance between being too fierce and sufficiently family friendly. To shovel in those big votes she must tone it down enough to become palatable for the big masses, without compromising the message she wants to transmit. The best of luck with that, darling.

It’s amazing what a bucket of charcoal and a couple of cans of hairspray can do to your looks.


  1. Am I the only one who hears her singing “I’m a wire” instead of “I’m a warrior”? I think that at some point she’s singing “I’m a wire, isolated…”
    Anyway, the song is really strange. I can’t say that it’s good but I can’t say that it’s bad either. Her voice is ok I guess. She’s got a really good draw so maybe this will qualify for the final, but I can’t see it doing too well there.


    Girls, if I’m gonna get oximated after writing this comment, please note that I loved your blog honestly.


    1. Oh no, stay away from that chemistry set, we need your funny and insightful comments coming!

      And seriously, with those lyrics it would not have made much less sense if she really did sing about her experience with being an isolated wire.

  2. This is the perfect girl to have a dinner with during a midlife crisis, And this is a very strong point in her favour.
    Also the song is not that bad, at least she tried to be original. I wish Nina a well deserved top ten.

      1. Interesting theory you got there, we didn’t realize that this entry also appeals to straight guys dealing with their midlife crises. Let’s hope for Nina’s sake that lots of them spend their evenings at home watching ESC!

        And yes, this one has a refreshing originality to it, which should be rewarded. It’s actually one we really look forward to seeing live as reports from the various pre-contest fan events are overall quite positive.

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