Seriously, Armenia?

How can six rights turn out to be one big wrong? Ask the Armenians.

We don’t know what’s worse. The wasted opportunity of bringing six captivating and brilliant artists together and then forcing them to embark on a horrific wailathon of epic proportions. Or the absolutely cringeworthy charade in the promotion of this entry, telling us how this is a song about universal values. Its message supposedly being, and we quote “Happiness is born when people are united and live in harmony with themselves, their families, love relationships and so on. Generations are shifting with time but the genealogy remains, thus the values of love and peace are stable”. Oh, really? Our BS indicator just went through the roof.

So this song, with these lyrics, sung by these artists in this particular year, nicely packaged into a not so subtle promo video has nothing to do whatsoever with the centenary of the Armenian genocide about to be commemorated later this month? Don’t deny something that’s so blatantly obvious, it’s very unbecoming. And we, the audience and potential voters, are not idiots. Did anyone mention double standards? There’s nothing universal about it; it’s surgically specific.

We are not dismissing the prospect of scoring a few sympathy votes, but the coy evasiveness on display here has the exact opposite effect on us. Not that the Armenians will need that many sympathy votes in the first place, the diasporas across Europe will vote in droves for this drivel. Yuck.

Inga, you’re still in the running towards becoming Armenia’s next top model.


  1. I’m not sure what’s worse about this. Having six very different (but good) singers performing a crappy song or having Inga without Anoush performing something. I mean, seriously how could they? Poor Anoush must be feeling terrible to see her sister being selected for this over her. Who decided between the two of them? #TeamAnoush

  2. Yeah, this is just a mess. Say what you will about Six4One, but at least their song knew what it was and stuck with that – it was cohesive cheese. Bleuuurgh.

    In light of the song Genealogy have been lumped with, Anoush probably got the better end of the deal by NOT being selected…

    1. Not to mention Just 4 Fun and 3+2! Why do so many ”super groups” created for the sole purpose of entering ESC have to have such daft names? Something to ponder on this sunny Sunday afternoon (we know, our lives are so glamorous!)

  3. I will be pondering the same thing now you’ve put the thought into my head!! In the words of Molly Sterling, perhaps the super/stupid groups should stop ‘playing with numbers’ and give their names more consideration…although the name ‘Genealogy’ is one of the least offensive aspects of Armenia’s entry in my opinion.

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