The failing Dutchmen

We kind of regained our faith in The Netherlands as one of the great nations of Europe last year. But no. Now we’re back to boring, middle aged lady with a charming hobby from the past:

Ayayayay. The best we could say about Trijntje Oosterhuis is that she’s got a cool name. God bless the Dutchmen for being totally unpronounceable. We figure if they only song in their own, incomprehensible language, they would get tons of coolness votes from the hipsters of this world – us included, of course. But they don’t. And neither do they acknowledge the many inspiring and positive developments of music we’ve seen the last couple of decades.

Here comes the pure 90s. We’re reliving our suffering through LeeAnn Rimes’ and Shania Twain’s most annoying moments of success, of which there were way too many. And we can’t really blame the lady, who probably hit her peek back then. No wonder she wants to go back to where she once belonged. But we do blame the Netherlands. Did you really not make ANY demands? Who taught you about quality in school and please give us their number so we can fire them.

The song and the adjoining video reminds us of nothing but a commercial for L’Oréal Excellence hair color, where a woman is super happy that she is able to score a much younger guy and his cowboy hat after having dyed her hair all by herself in only 45 minutes without spilling one single drop onto her bright white dress and suddenly being able to spread her lustre all over a fabulous bar in New York. We all know that story is nothing near true, and we guess that’s why the pr agencies stopped telling them.

Don’t get us wrong, though. We absolutely do get the point of a good country tune, just like the one The Common Linnets presented us with last year. But, contrary to what many might think, one also needs a little skill and originality in country music. People don’t just copy a few tunes they heard on the radio and try to make it sell; they actually have a genuine message for to you. This song is not learning from Nashville, it is is in best case learning from all those who never got close.

What a sad story you have for us this year, Dutchmen. You were once a united nation of conquerors for crissake! Why can’t you just up your effort a little?

Then we’ll welcome you with open arms and even throw in a few resources for good measure.


  1. I really loved their 2014 entry, it was classy and sounded likeble even for people that are not familiar with country tunes.
    I think that this year they wanted to go too safe, but I guess that’s won’t be rewarding

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