Early checkout for the Czechs

The Czech Republic is back in the Eurovision business after a few years of absence. We don’t know whether it was a self-imposed quarantine that kept them away, or perhaps the EBU banishing them for having unleashed Gipsy.cz on us, but regardless we cannot say we’ve missed them much. And after hearing the internally selected entry Hope Never Dies we wish they hadn’t bothered coming back.

We figure you have to suffer from a severe depression in order to find one positive thing to say about this miserable piece of slog. The Czechs have managed to score a total of 10 lousy points altogether during the three times they have participated in ESC so it shouldn’t be that difficult to score an all time high for the next one giving it a go. But will anyone vote for this? Perhaps someone who’s seriously into angst ridden, banal lyrics and pompous, melodramatic symphonic rock performed by charmless, pretentious artists. In that case you’re probably an emokid with issues, on heavy medication, a Nightwish fan or all of the above.

It’s painful to watch how completely clueless the Czechs obviously are in their approach to what makes a decent entry. Here’s a thought, if the Czech Republic is serious about remaining in this competition someone must come to the rescue and teach them the Eurovision fundamentals. We’re sure there’s some sort of EU funding available for this purpose. Send Per Sundnes on exchange, and beer in return to us.

– Let’s pretend we’re Ovi & Paula and hope for the best!


  1. OMG! He is such a FILF! 😮

    I’ll have to admit that I consider this better than all their previous entries all-together. <- Ignore that. I'm just saying it because he's hot. *angel* 🙂

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