Peace, love and #Russia4Evah

Close your eyes. Imagine a blond angel appearing in front of you with promises of peace, love, understanding and free speech. Now where would she come from? Nowhere but Russia!

In Russia they pray for peace and healing, of course. Same procedure as every other year. This country boasts such proud traditions as creators of stability and democracy in Europe and in the world, after all. It’s the land of the thousand oligarks. Solidly founded on the people’s much appreciated struggle. The land of the well functioning free press. Where everyone is allowed their own opinion without consequences, where children are taught about the importance of regime criticism before they can speak and where human rights are at the very chore of anything the government decides.

The land of a million voices, all being carefully guided by the grandest of them all: Vladimir Putin, ever so recently returned from his MIA holiday. These are the world’s people – nothing more, nothing less. Bless them for saving us all.

“We can scream, we can shout”, the leading lady also yells into the microphone. Well, at least she is right in that. In all the rest, can we just say: What a complete load of bullshit! Do they even believe in this themselves or did they just pull whatever out of the hat that didn’t have a lesbian attitude and/or a highly efficient combination of beard, root lift and dress?

We gather there are only three natural explanations of this utterly crap entry: a) the need for reusing a song that didn’t make it to the top of the “most tiresome song we could come up with to promote the Olympics”-contest a few years ago or b) a secret sign to start the revolution which once and for all would assert that Moscow artists make the worst cheese or c) a part of Russia’s inspiring rebranding process recently purchased from North Korea’s leading PR firm, also known as Operation “hey, we just invaded Crimea and killed a few journalists and gays last year, here’s a catchy tune to cheer you up and make you invite us to the party anyway #Russia4Evah”.

But of course. This contest is not political. We are not mean people and shouldn’t hold the fact that Russia is Russia against Russia. After all anyone can be whoever they want on tv, regardless of previous status or behavior.

Just so very disappointing, then, that they choose to be horrible. In every sense of the word. There are no reasons to cheer for Russia, unfortunately.


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