Final in MALTA – updated reviews and favorites

“I’ll just close my eyes for a while and pretend my Norwegian fan club is sitting right in front of me”

Whatta great evening yesterday was, filled with all that Maltese fabulousness live streamed to us from Valletta. It was almost as if we could feel the heat streaming right into our deep frozen Nordic souls, and we’re sure Daniel Testa gave a little extra just to help us turn the sun over here. We so wish we were in Marsa tonight, taking part in all that cheering and partying, but at least we are sending all the love and crossed fingers we can, both from Oslo and New York.

Many great songs, but let’s be honest: Tonight is all about winning. Let us present you with our updated reviews and very predictable favorites from the Norwegian jury:

Glen Vella opens the ball, and him choosing to do so in a golden jacket surrounded by the fabulous Southville Dancers AND a spinning man pretty much does it for us. Also, the fact that our 7 year old co judge asked if Glen really was Justin Bieber should give you a clue of where this is going. Go Glen, Christian, Mark and the rest!

Sadly, Karen Debattista made it to the final also. We think Cristiano Ronaldo’s eyebrows look better on him.

We’re happy to see Dominic, though. He’s fun, cool and handsome and has the best microphone moves of the contest. What’s not to like?

After the semi final we’re crushing even more on the long haired fellah of Trilogy. He’s our count Cezar of Valletta. Also, the lady has the best dress in the contest. We would get rid of the third one, though. Maybe then their name could be Biology?

Chris Grech decided to show up in an outfit presented to you by Burberry. Which totally doesn’t do it for us. What would your father Bryan Adams say, man?

Then there are nuns coming up singing about lost babies, which didn’t even interest the 7 year old. If Ekklesia Sisters win it will be the best confirmation of the fact that there is no God and we’ll start our conversion to Atheism immediately.

Jessika made it to the final, of course. She has a great harp player and a terrible outfit, a great personality and a very annoying song, so it all sums up to circa nil.

Deborah C made it to the final in spite of the fact that she a)has the worst dress ever seen on a Eurovision related stage and b)has the worst song ever heard on a MESC stage. She must have paid off Azerbaijan or something and we all know that is NOT ok.

We still don’t get the point of Amber. But she’ll be there doing her job. Congrats.

After listening to Gianluca Bezzina and his L-Aħwa yesterday we figure some alien kidnapped our favorite Maltese doctor and replaced him with a newly shaved Martian that did not take singing lessons and has a lot of annoying siblings without the ability to relate to other people around them. RETURN TO US THE CHOSEN ONE! NOW!

Franklin probably gave the best performance last night. He’s still the weirdest, cutest, funniest man to ever show up in Malta. Good thing he paired up with Norway’s king of weird and funny, his song writer ALEXANDER RYBAK. We hope he wins, because we figure Franklin and Rybak will be the coolest pair of guys to run into in Euro Club for like ever!

Such a shame about Christabelle this year. Let’s skip her and hope she hooks up with a Party Swede again.

Lawrence Gray  and his suit made it to the final. Congrats. Now go away.

Then our beloved Maltese knight, DANIEL TESTA finishes the ball, and boy, could we be happier with that? He did superdupertrooper great last night and we’re deeply impressed and utterly convinced. Malta, you let us down last year. Now please know your voting duty for Elfejn u Hmistax or we’ll take back that application for citizenship immediately. Oh, and Daniel: Please bring your dapper band to Vienna. They would work well as life guards when faced with screaming middle aged Norwegian blogging ladies.

And if you didn’t figure our already, here would be the favorites of the Norwegian jury:

  2. Glen Justin Bieber Vella
  3. Franklin Rybak

Now it’s up to you, Malta. Have a fantastic party and please ignore the Nordic chill. Because no matter what, we love you with all the heart beats we have left!

PS! Not in Malta? Watch the live streaming of MESC from TV Malta


  1. You seem to have taken a great liking of Ludvig… the long haired guy of trilogy… don’t you recognise him?: 🙂 How time flies!!

    I love your blog by the way! Agree with your views 100% I am a big Gianluca fan, but it seems he has let us down this year! And I believe he should give someone else a chance! GO Daniel!! 😀

    1. That’s right! Also a fun song, but vice change of lady, we’d say.

      Thank you for your nice comment. Let’s hope Gianluca comes back with something better at a later stage. We love his funk band, why doesn’t he bring that to Europe?

      1. Maltese local scene has improved considerably, it’s a shame that good quality music doesn’t make it to Eurovision! :/

        Have a nice weekend and now we wait for the rest of Europe to choose their contestants 😉

  2. I believe l-ahwa have the best song. Changing your style doesn’t mean that its wrong. Better then someone who is being compared to Justin Bieber

  3. Small correction..Elfejn u hmistax not Elfejno ….the ‘u’ means ‘and’…so its actually two thousand (elfejn) and fifteen (hmistax)

  4. Did you dismiss Chris Grech simply because of his outfit? You said nothing about the song! I do believe that your beloved Daniel Testa was actually the worst dressed with that bow tie and suite!

    1. Come on, Daniel’s bow tie is so adorable! Guess we lost focus due to overdose of Burberry, but we actually thought the song was a little dull and forgettable. Great singer, though. Bryan Adams must be proud.

  5. I fail to understand the connection between Christabelle and Party Swede. Also, what do u think of her song?

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