Carl Espen's message for a very special friend

“If only Ane would have been here, I would have kept my eyes open”

So, even though we love all of our readers, there is someone that deserves a little extra love. Her name is Ane Storås. She has been our devoted reader for many years, has participated in MGP as a manager for Johnny Hide and is also a good friend of our very own Carl Espen. In fact, he is such a good friend that he played at a support concert for her so that she could get very important pain relief treatment in Hungary. That’s where she is now, thanks to him. We can only applaud that gesture, showing us what an amazing person Carl Espen is.

However, we of course know that Ane would have loved to be here to see her friend do such a great job in Eurovision, and we would have loved for her to be here. That’s why we decided to bring Carl Espen to her. Under you can see Carl Espen’s message for you, Ane. We hope Hungary takes the best care of you. We all love you and you are with us at all the extravaganza in spirit!

2014-05-10 14.18.38 from Good Evening Europe on Vimeo.

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